True Blood: Season 2 Review

channel: HBO

show creator: Alan Ball

starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammel, Ryan Kwanten and Rutina Wesley

genre: Horror | Supernatural

originally aired: June 14, 2009 (U.S.) 

based upon the "The Southern Vampire Mystery Novels" or otherwise called "the Sookie Stackhouse Novels"

Once you've started a show with a mythology, a bunch of colorful characters and a very well done interconnected storyline. Then a devoted cult following, will be well on its way. After that, then you have to continue the fun and maybe raise the stakes. It couldn't have always been about Sookie and Vampire Bill's romance, otherwise it would have end up to be "Twilight". Creator Alan Ball knew this, and continued the show brilliantly. The show in it's second season, creeped in more insane supernatural characters, incredibly funny and zany situations and some of the best bloody vampire entertainment, TV could provide for us. If Vampire Diaries fans were offended by this statement, poor you.


Season 2 starts off, where the last one left us. With the murder of the exorcist lady with her heart ripped out. This is the start of another streak of killings in the town of Bon Temps, which will only be the start for more trouble. Sookie and Bill continue their difficult romance, with Erik trying to be a permanent third wheel. Jason Stackhouse (Sooki's Brother) finds God and try's to join the Fellowship of Light. A vampire hating group, bent on destroying vampires by any means necessary. Sam Merlott has a old friend enter his life, with some big secrets that will not only effect him, but the whole supernatural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.


Season 2 is not only better then the first by having a logical continuation to the story, but also for giving us what we wanted. More vampire on human antagonism. In season 2, the humans are organized and ready to hit the vampires where it hurts. Also plot points of past like Sookie's mysterious powers are explored further and the mischievous ways of Vampire Erik towards Sookie.

What True Blood offers best is blood, bodies, laughs, romance and whole lot of supernatural fun. Each season seems to get better and better. Again this show has surprised me beyond belief. I couldn't have imagined that I would have been so hooked. The story is great, the actors are all perfect when serious moments are present and properly cheesy when the scene demands it. The show knows how to mingle, between the two and keeps also a good balance, between its narrative and the secrets of certain characters and how fast it sheds light on them.


To all naysayers, disbelievers and haters. This is still very much a show about romantic vampires, that drink synthetic blood. Residing in a world where there's cults that have massive orgies.That's what makes it great and exceptional. It's ridiculousness. Second season was a step up from the first and there's more to come with the third.

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review by Paulaner

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