True Blood: Season 3 Review

channel: HBO

show creator: Alan Ball

starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley

genre: Horror, Supernatural

first aired: June 13, 2010 (U.S.)

based upon the "The Southern Vampire Mystery Novels" or otherwise called "the Sookie Stackhouse Novels"

The best season by far of True Blood. The stakes were raised, people died left and right, vampires are no longer the only ones around and vampire politics haven't been cooler to see in action. If your still not watching this show, your missing out.


Things have now gotten even more complicated and grandiose since the last time we left the Bon Temp bunch. No longer is little old Bon Temps the central focus. We are taken outside the comfort zone of the little town and petty romances. Now vampires are turning on  each other, werewolves are in the picture and many will die. Vampire Bill is in trouble once again for his relationship with Sookie and placed in a situation he needs not be. Erik is still confused over what he really wants from Sookie, but is able to remain true to his evil self. Werewolves are finally present and have a mysterious and sinister role to play. Sookie, Tara and the rest of the Bon Temp crew are way too deep in the supernatural and try to cope with the changes in their lives.


This was the natural evolution of the show. To see it open up even more to the vampire world. That there are not only sheriffs of areas, but also kings and queens of states. Its quite interesting to see all of this play out. As vampire politics are played out in a very violent matter. Sookie's powers and identity are pushed to the forefront even more and a love triangle is brewing. Werewolves fit perfectly within the world of True Blood and don't feel out of place. Also they are more like werewolves than there Twilight counterparts.

The subplots once again are hilarious, especially with the fetishistic English vampire. True blood has a great sense of humor in knowing how to take advantage of its interesting supernatural elements and turning them into funny and sadistic situations. Its stays true to the show it started out to be and with season unleashes itself in great fashion. 

All of the subplots and main plot events could be nothing without the characters. Every one of these characters are memorable, funny,riveting and interesting. Each have their own dark history and trouble d past. They all have their own respective story-lines and  it always lead to somewhere new and interesting. This is probably True Blood greatest characteristic and achievement. In managing to juggle its characters, keeping it interesting and still being silly blood and hell of fun. 


What more to say about one of favorite seasons in TV. Season 3 proved to be the best season of True Blood in every category drama, suspense, horror, mystery. A lot questions were answered and a lot plot points were unraveled and put in motion. I can only hope that the continuation of the series continues to be at the same level. Because True Blood is probably the best misunderstood show on TV, that needs your blood.

Personal Rating:

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review by Paul Katsaros

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