True Blood: Season 4 Review

channel: HBO

show creator: Alan Ball

starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Sarsagaard and Sam Trammel, Rutina Wesley

genre: Horror | Supernatural

first aired: June 26, 2011

based upon the book series: "The Southern Vampire Mystery Novels" or otherwise called "the Sookie Stackhouse Novels"

After a phenomenal third season. Season 4 came back with the same level of fun, blood and campy humor. It also came back, with quite a few of the worst moments in the show's history and a lot of ambiguity to character fates, origins and viewer satisfaction.


Sookie (Anna Paquin) has come to terms with what she is and has finally seen that even fairies can be evil. When she returns to Bon Temps from the magical fairyland. She finds herself one year forward in time, when it only seemed like 10 minutes.

Back in Louisiana Vampire Bill is now the new King of Louisiana, Eric is still the same old double crossing Sherrif, Jason Stackhouse has become the savior of the meth lab family, Tara has moved on elsewhere and is trying to come to terms with a life without supernatural occurrences. And the rest of the bunch are still as much crazy and problematic as before.

This time around, the battle of vampire and human has added a new factor to the mix, witchcraft. The biggest threat to ever face the vampire nation is upon them. With the control of the dead in the hands of humans. Vampires are scared, on the run and in need of dire help.


To start off with the good. The show now, every season constantly adds new elements to the mix to freshing things up. Witches, sorcery, new characters and new character dynamics are worked in  and most prove to be most interesting. Some choices were risky. With some of characters changing traits and some their fates. The most noticeable change is the new Sookie and Eric bond and the "if" of which characters actually died or not with the new season 5.

As usual, the subplots are strong and support the main story admirably. Best of all is the wolf subplot and the relationship between Lafayette and Jesus (not that Jesus). Another admirable characteristic of the show, is keeping character secrets well hidden throughout the show. Giving the payoff only when needed and building it up and creating momentum. Instead of focusing on ratings.

Even with all the new elements and the well tinkered formula of the show. Its not enough to make this season special enough. This season had two of the worst moments in the shows history, that did not please most of the True Blood fans.

The first was with the revelation of Sookie's power, the fairy world and about her people (fairies). The problem is that they put forth a explanation and sequence of events that are not only not pleasable, but are never explained or ever mentioned again. Something completely radical from the show formula happened and its never talked about or continued upon. They handled one of the most important character revelations in the show very wish washy..

The second awful moment of the season, is with Sookie's brother Jason's subplot. Its been a running joke for Jason with every season, getting into the worst situations and falling for all the wrong women. After it happening so many times, it came to the point of overkill. They really had no story for him and dropped the ball. The Jason-Panther family subplot was one of the all time worst sub-plots i have ever seen, being silly, boring, obnoxious and unnecessarily perverse.


The show is now reaching the point of losing its powerful dynamic of silly storytelling, intense original supernatural gory fun and multi diverse character facet if they make these silly mistakes. The third season was the high point of show and its fourth was its fall back to where they started.  Even for its faults, its an entertaining season and recommended to fans of the show.

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review by Paulaner

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