The Walking Dead Season 4 - Episode 1 "30 Days Without an Accident" Review

channel: AMC

creator: Frank Darabont

show runner: Scott M. Gimple

starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan

genre: Horror

first aired: October 13, 2013

The Walking Dead is back and naturally with high ratings, anticipation and fan enjoyment attached to it. From all the people I know who watch the show, I have been the series biggest critic. Having read also the comic I do tend to follow to the crowd, that says this show has lost its max potential at times. Still there is always hope and with the new season and premiere it starts off well. Having zombie action, zombie blood and zombie drama we all know and love.


Following the events of last season and the showdown between the two groups led by Rick and the other group by the Governor. Rick's group came on top and accepted the rest of the Governor people to live with them in peace in the prison location/sanctuary that they created for themselves. The show follows their adventures of zombie survival, food & supply runs and the internal conflict and drama that a post apocalyptic situation of zombies can bring to the human survivors. 


Starting off the season with a very simplistic episode that didn't open any plot threads, for where the season may take us was smart. As smart as the decision of progressing the timeline to the point where Rick's group and the leftover Governor group are living in peace and with no petty leaderships fights as of yet.

Naturally the show does show some tidbits of where the characters are leading to, instead of following a holistic overarching central plot. For now were following the characters mental states, problems and goals. We all know it might lead later on to another Governor showdown, or zombie epidemic within their home and those things can and should wait. For now I prefer if the show focuses on characters everyday life, their aspirations of building a better home or even expansion. Also maybe an internal conflict on this council we hear about in the first episode would be something of a difference to the previous seasons.

Which leads me to point of hoping the show doesn't jump the gun again. Trying to please audiences lust either with the Governor's return too early or with having too much zombie violence without substance. And maybe the show's worst sin of all. It's knack for making characters more unlikable than ever. Without reason or point, it just does it and then you beg for those characters to die off and not come back. What I'm trying to say is I hope there is not another Andrea this season..


When it comes to premieres "WD" did its duty and delivered. It didn't go overboard, didn't promise a lot nor give reason for complain. It had a good mix of zombie danger and character to make it enjoyable and be a good sign for the future episodes to come.

Personal Rating:

4 Stars.jpg

review by Paul Katsaros

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