The Walking Dead Season 4 - Episode 2 "Infected" Review

channel: AMC

creator: Frank Darabont

show runner: Scott M. Gimple

starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan

genre: Horror

first aired: October 20, 2013

After a decent premiere "WD" continues to be steady in its delivery of good zombie entertainment, character development and even a bit of mystery with a "who done it".. And although the episode had one of minute stupidity were I will explain further in the review. It isn't enough to bash the entirety of it and the stable momentum its trying to create for the season going forward.


Following the events of last season and the showdown between the two groups led by Rick and the other group by the Governor. Rick's group came on top and accepted the rest of the Governor people to live with them in peace in the prison location/sanctuary that they created for themselves. The show follows their adventures of zombie survival, food & supply runs and the internal conflict and drama that a post apocalyptic situation of zombies can bring to the human survivors. 

episode synopsis:

Last episode ended with a prison resident dying of natural causes and resulting in this episode to a small zombie outbreak in the prison. The group try's to save as many as they can, but immediately afterward have to deal with a zombie move on the outer fence. At the same time some of the group have to deal with their own inner demons, boosting up the remaining residents morale and finding a concrete way to make this prison into a better fortified home.


The episode raised a couple of questions on the lessons the group has learned throughout the 3 seasons, in terms of safety and security. We all know so far the zombie virus can pass through zombie bite & scratch, but also through death by natural causes. Why the group/council didn't think of putting a guard at night. As when it gets dark and everyone is a sleep, an accident may happen. Having a guard out to inspect, protect and warn the residents. Just in case of a scenario like the one that happened in the episode seems logical. Especially after all they have been through. Their choice not to do that was deadly and it’s also mind baffling how they didn't even mention it or talk about it, after the incident. Besides that, the episode has nothing else that really is worth griping about.

On a positive note, the episode pulls out a great idea to put nature in the mix as a villain. Varying the action from the constant human rivalry and zombie attacks to sickness and disease. Also the character development is still strong. Lifting Carol’s character to new heights. We're seasons past no one would have thought she would have been changed so much or even that she was worth the time. But her little time in teaching some girls the realities of the zombie epidemic in this episode. Are some of the best scenes not only in this episode, but for Carol as well in the show's history.

Not to mention that Rick and his son are still struggling to keep their sanity in check. Having gone through a lot of turmoil last seen. Also the red herring of this episode on who instigated the zombie fence attack and why. Will be particularly interesting with the upcoming episodes to come.


Relying on the shows great ability on focusing on dire events and combining it with great character development. Is the primary reason why this show captures the attention of viewers. Except for that time in Season 2 when they thought overkill on character would be good. Nonetheless “WD” continues to be good and I’m personally interested to see where this little mystery is going to take us.

Personal Rating:

4 Stars.jpg

review by Paul Katsaros

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