The Walking Dead Season 4 - Episode 2 "Infected" Review

After a decent premiere "WD" continues to be steady in its delivery of good zombie entertainment, character development and even a bit of mystery with a "who done it".. And although the episode had one of minute stupidity were I will explain further in the review. It isn't enough to bash the entirety of it and the stable momentum its trying to create for the season going forward.


The Walking Dead Season 4 - Episode 1 "30 Days Without an Accident" Review

The Walking Dead is back and naturally with high ratings, anticipation and fan enjoyment attached to it. From all the people I know who watch the show, I have been the series biggest critic. Having read also the comic I do tend to follow to the crowd, that says this show has lost its max potential at times. Still there is always hope and with the new season and premiere it starts off well. Having zombie action, zombie blood and zombie drama we all know and love.