True Blood: Season 3 Review

The best season by far of True Blood. The stakes were raised, people died left and right, vampires are no longer the only ones around and vampire politics haven't been cooler to see in action. If your still not watching this show, your missing out.

True Blood: Season 2 Review

Once you've started a show with a mythology, a bunch of colorful characters and a very well done interconnected storyline. Then a devoted cult following, will be well on its way. After that, then you have to continue the fun and maybe raise the stakes. It couldn't have always been about Sookie and Vampire Bill's romance, otherwise it would have end up to be "Twilight". Creator Alan Ball knew this, and continued the show brilliantly. The show in it's second season, creeped in more insane supernatural characters, incredibly funny and zany situations and some of the best bloody vampire entertainment, TV could provide for us. If Vampire Diaries fans were offended by this statement, poor you.