Game of Thrones: Season 2 Review

If this show goes on and continues to have the same level of quality, continuity and originality. Then not only will it be the best show to ever be on TV, but a true testament to the medium of television compared to cinema. Season 2 continues "Game of Thrones" storyline of betrayal, conquest and honor. Everyone is after the throne and for the chance to rule the "Westeros". Some will fail, others will die, but most importantly. No show has had so many sides to one story and been able to keep it all knitted together in combination with fantasy, location change and time continuity.

True Blood: Season 3 Review

The best season by far of True Blood. The stakes were raised, people died left and right, vampires are no longer the only ones around and vampire politics haven't been cooler to see in action. If your still not watching this show, your missing out.

True Blood: Season 2 Review

Once you've started a show with a mythology, a bunch of colorful characters and a very well done interconnected storyline. Then a devoted cult following, will be well on its way. After that, then you have to continue the fun and maybe raise the stakes. It couldn't have always been about Sookie and Vampire Bill's romance, otherwise it would have end up to be "Twilight". Creator Alan Ball knew this, and continued the show brilliantly. The show in it's second season, creeped in more insane supernatural characters, incredibly funny and zany situations and some of the best bloody vampire entertainment, TV could provide for us. If Vampire Diaries fans were offended by this statement, poor you.

Batman Beyond: The Animated Series (1999-2001) Review

I have been a Batman fan all of my life. I still remember waking up early on weekends, to watch "Batman the Animated Series". It was such a dark show for me back then and it still is as I consider to be one of the greatest animated series ever created. As I grew up I remember seeing that there was a new Batman animated series coming out. It was called Batman Beyond, but back then in Europe they called it Batman of the Future.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Review

As much as I would love to praise the continuation of "the Walking Dead" series, its difficult when there are so many things I dislike, disagree and think could have been averted. To list off, forcing your creator away, lowering the budget, creating scenarios that drags the show and not taking advantage more of plot points or events from the comics. All of this in my opinion, lower "the Walking Dead" from its upstanding first season, to another good TV show that has lost its way, too early.

V: Season 1 Review

V Season 1 is a mixed bag but not in a bad way. It has everything needed to be hit show. Fan-boy characteristics, great effects, known and capable cast, good producers and a great idea and story that can go on for many seasons. The problems that show faced in  its first season was the split up format the show was shown in, storyline events took too too long to happen and the cast was way too short to be taken seriously as the only known and up and coming rebel group against the V's.