Red Hood The Lost Days (2010) Review

After DC brought Jason Todd back from the dead, people changed there tune about what they thought about the character. When suddenly the second Robin was killed by the Joker, back in the late Eighties. Nobody cared about the loudmouth brat unexpectedly dying. Now that he is a pretty bad ass antihero under the name of Red Hood. A vigilante with no rules, no moral values on killing lowlifes scum. Fans have embraced him more than they did back in the Eighties.

Batman Streets of Gotham (2009-2011) Review

Riddle me this... what do you get when you combine Batman with Paul Dini? The answer is the best stories the Dark Knight has to offer and Batman: Streets of Gotham is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the best stories i have read to this date. I would say it’s something of an "add-on" to the "Batman and Robin" series by Grant Morrison. What I mean, is that the events in Streets of Gotham happen after the "Final Crisis" and "Battle for the Cowl" events. It's set somewhere in between the "Batman and Robin" series and the "The Return of Bruce Wayne" as Batman.

X-Men Schism Mini-Series (2011) Review

Comic book events, don't usually amount to anything. Rarely, do they actually end up being satisfying stories, then acclaimed series. This can be better said, for almost all of the X-Men related events. Schism on the other hand, is one of the good exceptions. Here, the event is treated more neatly. It's first, a mini-series of 5 issues and not a interconnected event through different titles. So not only is it neat and simple to read the series, but you also dont have to reach deep into your pocket, to finish the story. Even with that said, its a powerful X-Men mini-series, that will lead the X-Men to new and interesting paths.