Holmes & Watson (2018) Review

If this was 2006 when ‘Talladega Nights’ first came out, this film would have been an easy sell, but that was a long time ago and in the year 2019 many don’t remember the success and popularity of the Reilly-Ferrell duo, besides the fact that Will Ferrell is no longer at the peak of his career. In addition, comedies aren’t what they used to be, as no one can take a joke anymore with where the culture has gone, so why would this film be of any worth or well anticipated. And the truth of the matter is quite the opposite of what the mass media and professional critics have been saying about this film and how bad it is, on the contrary its just mediocre.

Bird Box (2018) Review

The world is always a buzz for the next hyped release on Netflix and this past month it was ‘Bird Box’ that had Sandra Bullock headlining a film that could have easily been released in cinemas as many others on the platform, but thankfully wasn’t. The film itself isn’t bad in terms of production value or performances and even the story progression isn’t the worst you will find, but its core concept of a spirit force/cloud that’s come to doom us all is too much to swallow.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Review

When a film is too complicated and long we moan about it, when a film is too simple and short we see less value in it. Sometimes both can work for different reasons and in the case of this Queen biopic it maybe short, uncomplicated and at times historically inaccurate. However, despite all this, it is still enjoyable and with some of the best musical representations of a band on screen.

A Star is Born (2018) Review

It’s not too early to say that this film may be the ‘La La Land‘ of the upcoming awards season and will bring much needed glamour and star power that they crave. Moreover, its presence amongst other films will also be significant due to the actual level of professionalism and artistry put into it, as it is one of few films of this year that should be seen in the cinema and were the drama is genuine.

Uncle Drew (2018) Review

With the advent of online streaming have simplistic feel good films become a thing of the past for the big screen? As for some they are just an afterthought or at least not an option worth leaving the house for. However, keeping it simple, having a theme and getting the cliches right with some jokes and overarching meanings in the mix was and should always be a product moviegoers should value. As in ‘Uncle Drew’ case, it ticks all the boxes previously mentioned and if it was released 10 to 20 years ago it would have been your standard cinema entertainment for mass audiences, but in today’s cinema world it feels like a film out of time, but not out of heart.

BlackkKlansman (2018) Review

Like it or not, things have been getting more political as of late from TV news to social media activity, all the way to movie making. Despite of this, some of us have been able to tolerate it within the confines of a story, even though on occasion it is sometimes a little too much at times. In this film here, the addition of certain elements works to a point, especially if you agree with that side of the political aisle and if you don't, you still might enjoy what is a great comedy based on a real story and that should have been made public a long time ago.

Bright (2017) Review

Netflix is desperately trying to go toe and toe with the big boys after securing the services of Adam Sandler and now having in their ranks Will Smith for a film series of elves, mages and orcs. This is all enough for most popcorn fans to bite and see what Netflix is cooking up. Especially with the value and the comfort of sitting at home to see such a film. Otherwise, would this film had been worth your time? that is the question in the digital age for cinema these days.

The Predator (2018) Review

Going back to basics almost always pays off, especially with the way audiences have now accepted soft reboots over clear cut remakes as the norm. ‘The Predator’ is no different in thatit follows many of the elements of the first ‘Predator’ films that worked and tossed elements that supposedly didn’t. Which thankfully for audiences still ends up being a fun, bloody and action packed ride that goes way to far with its over complication of setting, plot and effects.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) Review

'Mission: Impossible' has been Tom Cruise's baby for a while now and its become without a doubt the United States version of James Bond. What both of these series had originally in common, was that previous story threads as a general rule were never utilized for their next film. The 'James Bond' series finally corrected that with the Daniel Craig films and here writer-director Christopher McQuarrie takes full advantage of the continuity created before him and his own, and to make the best of it by tangling things together in such an effortless way that fans of the series should surely enjoy and devour the continuing story and action scenes created.

Mute (2018) Review

We know Hollywood does have the tendency to make films of lower quality that are unentertaining and that should have never gone through the system in the first place. Now, films of this caliber are also making their way through the online system via Netflix and we the consumer should be grateful that they come as this package deal. As if this kind of film was a separate purchase or rental, it would have been a complete waste of time and money and now its potential value on us is more time heavy, rather than monetary.

Ocean's Eight (2018) Review

The funny thing about this film, is that it didn't look like anybody was requesting an all female Oceans' film to be made, on the other hand a few fans online, including myself wanted an all female 'Expendables' film with the likes of Sigourney Weaver, Gina Carano, Vivica A. Fox and more to be made. A project that to this day still hasn't gotten off the ground and instead this did. Which based on its recent box office didn't break the bank, but did show that more people would have possibly seen it if word of mouth was better.

Black Panther (2018) Review

Hype is an unusual beast that can be blessing in disguise or a terror from the dark. 'Black Panther' was lucky that the hype made it receive sales beyond expectation, but maybe not too happy with the overall general audience praise that has been mixed even though most would like to say it was overall positive. Not due to the fact that this a bad film, on the contrary its a very good film in many ways, but because people lifted it to the heights of deification for political and social reasons, instead of valuing it on the merits of its filmmaking and storytelling as we do with any other film. In the end, you will probably enjoy 'Black Panther' and relish in the fact that this is a sort of film you don't get to see very often with outstanding visuals, performances, locations and style, but also that it was a film that still could have been improved upon, as is the case with almost all of the recent Marvel films.