Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 1-4 Review

"You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't" that's true to almost everything in life, but also especially when it comes to TV show and movie revivals. Some will say "what's the point of a revival" and that "it will never live up to the original's glory and prestige", while others will say "why did it never happen" and live off till the end of days plagued by the ever so many 'what if's' when one of these properties comes to an unfortunate end. No longer though will that be the case regarding 'Twin Peaks'. Which I still don't think it’s a blessing that it has returned, but it's definitely not a disgrace from what came before.

Daredevil: Season 1 Review

Ever since Marvel got their hands back on the Daredevil property, most of us geeks couldn't wait to see how they could possibly tackle it. Gladly, they chose not only the TV route for it, but also the Netflix option. Giving them free creative reign in a medium with a particular audience that the material of Matt Murdock and co could flourish. Not holding back for the wider audience profit margins or the stipulations of what can or can't be seen on advertisement ridden Television. Which in the process let it become the best comic book show on TV to date, having elements that many will find comforting, entertaining and even worthwhile.