Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Review

Marvel have been building up to this point for almost a decade now and their efforts have proved worthy by all accounts (creatively & financially). 'Infinity War' being their biggest production yet they didn't hold back, gave fans exactly what they wanted and even a little more that that. The surprises in it were genuine and for a change had a narrative cliffhanger that made you want to see its continuation. This bold road Marvel is taking will have obstacles to overcome, as the ultimate ending of this universe is on the horizon, but it just might not end the way we all think and be ultimately the beginning of a new one.

The Florida Project (2017) Review

Films don't always follow a conventional narrative, sometimes they offer a slice of life experience which you bear witness to and form your own opinions on positively or negatively. This was the case with this film, until it reached a point that is questionable, but something you can still live with due to the rest of the package deal being so vivid and telling for how other people get by in life and how a parent's mistakes can have an everlasting effect on a child.

Fifty Shades Freed (2018) Review

We are finally free from what Hollywood and many men and women identify as a modern day 'romance'. In what is a film trilogy where a man doesn't give up his perverted activities to be a more wholesome individual and a woman gets caught up in them as if it's nothing to be worried about, because the film and characters are more concerned with its soap opera plot , rather than the abuse and trauma Grey had as a child and that he never honestly overcame in either of three films in any meaningful way.

Darkest Hour (2017) Review

The past two years it's been Winston Churchill fever with the amount of film & TV representations that have existed for this incredible historical figure by a number of outstanding actors, all providing different interpretations and from different points in history. For one reason or another this is the one (Darkest Hour) that garnered the most attention and not totally undeserved I may add.

The Other Me {Eteros Ego} (2017) Review

Greek filmmakers almost only ever get recognition based upon how provocative or artistic they are and almost never on how industrious and aware they are to follow standard plot development, cliches and the inclusion of intellectual ideas that are easily graspable by a mass audience. To many this may seem minute and frivolous as cinema is an art form that shouldn't concern itself as much in this regard. On the other hand, I always have begged to differ by being able to enjoy the odd art film here and there and the occasional schlocky action film, especially when they come from places you least expect them to.

Okja (2017) Review

Many would say that politics and ideology were always present in films, but it seems lately that this is an ever more present phenomenon with virtue signaling in award shows and political correctness in the film business like we have never seen before. It could also be that a lot of us are more mature as adults and these things are clearer now than ever before. However, I don't think that is necessarily the case overall. As I fail to remember seeing a film such as this, where the filmmakers disregarded completely the fact that they were making a film for entertainment, but instead for purposes of advocacy.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) Review

Any remake or reboot hopes to cash in on IP recognition and fan nostalgia. Any audience member on the other hand, wishes that the new incarnation is at least respectful of what came before and different enough at the same time. So, it's not to be considered a waste of time from both sides. Thankfully, both can be said regarding the new Jumanji with the direction and tone taken that will please most and bring in new fans to the series.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Review

The no named character in the film 'DJ' states at one point to Finn that the machine goes on with or without them and hints that he shouldn't get involved in other people's games. As this will only lead to sorrow and loss after a certain point without any personal gain. Something that after seeing the film is a perfect summation of what we have lost by continuing to demand for more 'Star Wars' films and expecting Hollywood to get it right at some point.

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) Review

This has to be the most consistent, engaging and entertaining Hollywood series of the last few years. A series that has gone above and beyond in bringing another reality to life, getting its lead characters to go on conflicting journeys that they don't know if they will return from and providing us with bleak endings where hope can still exist, but also even respect for one's enemies. Film schools should be teaching their students about the 'Apes' trilogy's achievements as their is a lot to learn and admire.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) Review

Some people find meaning in works of art that offer the lowest amount of explanation and reason you can imagine. Sometimes this work of art has enough clues, world building and meaning to allow for viewers to have some faint idea of what transpired or make up their own interpretation of what they saw. Then they are some works that despite your efforts of trying to find a rational meaning to the story's overall point and character actions you just fall flat.

Justice League (2017) Review

The best thing that could be said about this film is that there wasn't anything to hate about it and thankfully there wasn't any hype going into it. So, the mediocrity that we were all fed was somewhat acceptable, as we expected nothing more or less. However, that still doesn't mean that DC are off the hook, who instead of sticking to the Snyder vision and improving on it, went the Marvel direction of silly jokes, brighter tone and end credit easter eggs. Making the divide between DC and Marvel films even greater not only financially, but now also creatively.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Review

When "Kingsman: The Secret Service" came out about two years ago, it was a breath of fresh air to the Hollywood blockbuster scene. It was the quintessential stupid, action film that didn't give a damn of what you thought of its lewd humor and swanky looks and at the same time didn't sulk at the gravity of events in it. As it never took itself that seriously when other films series couldn't help themselves ('Fast and Furious', Transformers'). This was the hole that 'Kingsman' managed to plug perfectly and thought it was worth coming back for more. A nice thought, if they had thought through fully their capability of plugging that hole in the same exact way and the potential for the magic to still be there.