Anvil: The Story of Anvil (2009) Review

director: Sacha Gervasi

starring: Robb Reiner, Steve 'Lips' Kudlow and Tiziana Arrigoni

genre: Documentary | Music

released: April 10, 2009 (U.S.) , September 19, 2009 (Greece)

Never having heard of the band Anvil before, I wondered what would be the story of a unknown band to many and is it relevant? The answer is yes, as their story is a deep and sad tale of how fame can go. The film shows of how the music industry can be a bunch of hyenas and Anvil's gradual demise into former rock stars. Also, their bad luck could not be better shown and with all they have been through, they still hope for the best. Anvil's tale is a true and remarkable story of a band that never quit no matter what came in their way.


The documentary starts off with numerous interviews from the likes of Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Slash of Guns and Roses and others. They all talk about the mythical band of Anvil and how great they were. But, where did this great band go is the question.

The documentary takes us then to find out where singer-guitarist Lips and drummer Geza are today. Which is back in Canada living their lives and trying to make ends meet. Sad is the the main word to describe their situation comparing it to their previous rock days. Throughout the documentary we see how their coping with life and how they respond to their old life and what they hope for their future. Also the documentary is really a push for Anvil themselves to try to get back into the business and live the dream again.


They are few documentaries that I can recall that were about the subject of music that stayed with me and even fewer films about the music industry as well. Here director Sacha Gervasi makes a very interesting film about a band he truly loved and makes us with him fall in love with them.

He was once back in the day a roadie of Anvil but afterwards has come to be a writer and now director with "Anvil" as his first feature film. He does great job of bringing to light one of the great and forgotten heavy metal bands to new generations and many rock and metal fans will love the tale and to hear their music.

Their story is a difficult one of going on the road of fame and fortune that can also fade away very quickly. Additionally, that no matter what age and no matter all the terrible bad luck you may have been through that luck can always change back around. And for the honest and hard working musicians of Anvil that hard work finally payed off with this film.


Anvil is very good metal band with talent but not with a lot of luck, until now. If your into metal music and fancy a good documentary, the story of Anvil will touch you and make you even more deeply understand what goes through the minds of these artists when the only thing they got to live for is the dream. And to their luck after the documentary release they are once back in the spotlight and opening for AC/DC and getting more fans as this review is being written. So enjoy and "Metal on Metal is what I Crave!".

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review by Paul Katsaros

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