Batman Streets of Gotham (2009-2011) Review

publisher: DC Comics

writer: Paul Dini

penciler: Dustin Nguyen

genre: Superhero

issues: 21

Out in trade paperback and hardcover

Riddle me this... what do you get when you combine Batman with Paul Dini? The answer is the best stories the Dark Knight has to offer and Batman: Streets of Gotham is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the best stories i have read to this date. I would say it’s something of an "add-on" to the "Batman and Robin" series by Grant Morrison. What I mean, is that the events in Streets of Gotham happen after the "Final Crisis" and "Battle for the Cowl" events. It's set somewhere in between the "Batman and Robin" series and the "The Return of Bruce Wayne" as Batman.


The story begins with the villain Hush, having altered his face with plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne. Another attempt of his at revenge on the Wayne family business and to the real Bruce Wayne. Who at that point is considered to be dead. His plans though, don't seem to work as Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne capture him and put an end to his plan. They see this as an opportunity, since Bruce Wayne is absent to have Hush play the role of Bruce Wayne while being followed and monitored 24:7 by some heroes such as Zatanna, Catwoman, Red Robin and other close heroes-friends of Dick Grayson.


What is really interesting is that "Streets of Gotham" is not only about Batman and Robin. As the chapters go on, you see the story being told also from the villains point of view. We get to see criminals like Black Mask, Firefly, Man-Bat, Zsasz and even some heroes such as Huntress, having their own thoughts and points of view on Batman and the situation that is going on in Gotham City. I won’t spill the beans or say what really happens in the story, but let me say that it is a must read for every Dark Knight Fan.


Even if you haven't followed the "Batman and Robin" series, you can still read "Streets of Gotham" and understand the full story. Paul Dini did an amazing job as writer something I expected from him. The art from Dustin Nguyen is spectacular. If you want a good Batman comic with an interesting story, that also involves forgotten heroes, villains and you want see another point of view on Batman. Do yourself a favor and read it! Its a good appetizer, to somehow satisfy the hunger in all of us who are waiting impatiently for "the Dark Knight Rises".

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