Batman The Long Halloween (1996-1997) Review

publisher: DC Comics

writer: Jeph Loeb

penciler: Tim Sale

genre: Superhero

issues: 13

Out in trade paperback

It is October and almost Halloween! So what a perfect time to celebrate and review one of the best Dark Knight Stories out there. Batman: The Long Halloween. A limited series that ran for 13 magical issues and inspired the Christopher Nolan Batman films.

THE STORY! To me this is the best part of the Long Halloween. I wrote it in capitals because it is one of the best stories written for the Dark Knight. It is set during the early days of his career. If we were to put it in a timeline within continuity  It would be sometime later than the events "Batman Year One".

Batman has to deal with a murderer called Holiday. As the name suggests, this lunatic is murdering people on specific Holidays. Every new month on every holiday there is a victim and the Dark Knight is struggling to find out who is the maniac and to end his killing spree before the next holiday hits.

This wont be easy though.. As he has also to deal with the crime war of the notorious mob families of Gotham at the sane time. The Falcone and Maroni family. But to make it even more interesting and more difficult. He has to face many members of his Rogues gallery! I am talking about Scarecrow, The Joker, The Riddler, Poison Ivy and even the Mad Hatter.


So what makes this comic book a must read? First I really loved the setting. Not many stories shows us the early days of the Dark Knight's career and how he dealt with his rogues. To me its always about the story even if the art is weird (to me at least). I can put it aside if the story is good  enough and has some depth, and boy this a powerhouse of a story! Solid storyline, no plot holes, the climax is there when you need it and no boring dialogs to count! Just a masterpiece!

As you can understand, the Long Halloween is a powerhouse when it comes to story. Jeph Loeb did an amazing job and it's not your average Batman story where he "pows" "whams" the enemy and then moves on to the next story. Its a Detective story and that's what makes the Long Halloween so special, the agony to find out the murderer and to put an end to him its right there from the beginning of the story. Batman was always about the "Detective" work I just wish more stories were like this one.

But what about the weird art? Well its Tim Sale and if you have seen any of his other work before you know what to expect. He somehow plays it weird with the perspective, the shadows and the dimensions of the characters and i would call it dark but its not bad. To be honest it is not my cup of tea, but i don't mind it and like i said the story is what matters. Don't get me wrong i don't "hate" the art but i find it weird, specially how he dealt with the villains and the looks of some of them. You have to take your time with this comic book. Don't read it fast and not pay close attention to the dialog and the story because it might get confusing (in a good way). Finding out who is the murderer is the fun of it. An awesome plot twist is there and not to be missed.


Batman: the Long Halloween, to put it simply a masterpiece. An incredible detective story, with great dialog and comic book action in it. Read it, re-read and enjoy one of the Best Dark Knight Stories out there.

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