Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) Review

director: Brandon Vietti

writers: Judd Winick

starring (voices): Bruce Greenwood, John DiMaggio, Jensen Ackles and Neil Patrick Harris

genre: Animation | Comics

When i heard that the comic book "Batman Under the Hood" was going to be animated, immediately there was a huge wide smile on my face that couldn't make me hide my feelings towards one of my favorite parts of the Batman history. The story of the comic book is dark, violent and full of surprises. But the question remained, could they move all these things to an animation film? Could they make it faithful to the comic book?The answer is yes and no...

The movie starts with Robin having his ass kicked by the Joker with a crowbar. Now every Batman geek, fan not to mention Robin fan like me will instantly recognize this scene. Yes that Robin is Jason Todd the second Robin where he died in an explosion after being beaten to death by the Joker with a crowbar (its a violent overkill that happened in another Batman story "a Death in the Family"). Batman rushes to the scene only to find Robin dead. That's one of the worst things that had happened to the Batman Family and the one that would haunt him forever. The movie then takes us some years later where we have Batman being put to some challenges by a man with a Red Hood, where he is making his life rather difficult and unlike any other villain. He also seems to know much about Bats and how to escape him and making every gang join him. Who is that guy is the question?

The answer is a no brainer with how the movie started. What I was skeptical about is how the voice acting would be. No Mark Hamill as the voice of Joker and no Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman. To me Kevin Conroy is hands down the true voice of Batman not to mention the best. Bruce Greenwood does a great job but still something is missing. In general voice acting is good and has no flaws. Far from it with the names of the voice actors you cant go wrong. Its the nostalgia you may feel and the comparison that you make when you grew up with Batman TAS but lets leave it behind and say that the voice acting is good!

What bothered me the most is that the film doesnt really follow the events of the comic book. Most parts are there but not in the right order. Read the comic book is my advice and you will see what I mean. Sure it has violence, action and the lines but the order they are in is a mess. For example Jason's suit is diffirent, the way he died yes is the same but they left out the most important part! How he got captured by the Joker and why?Well someone might say we are watching Under the Hood not a Death in the Family animation film. My point is if you have flash backs make them right.

By now you will think that I hate this movie but I do not. I liked that it was dark, that it had strong language and that was full of action. We finally also got to see Jason Todd in a Batman animation film and did I mention the movie has Nightwing in it? The finale is faithful to the comic book also I have to say. Batman Fans should definitely watch this one and Batman Geeks as well although i believe fans will enjoy it more than Geeks for the reasons given above. And yes i am a Geek.

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