Deadpool 2 (2018) Review

director: David Leitch

writers: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick & Ryan Reynolds

starring: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin and Zazie Beetz

genre: Action | Comedy | Comics

released: 16 May 2018 (Australia), 17 May 2018  (Germany & Greece), 18 May 2018 (USA)

While it does have a rocky start at the beginning of the film and takes a sudden turn towards the dramatic, the film does get better as it progresses and becomes more relaxed and loose with its plot and jokes. The addition of Cable and others was great and more of the same was just what the doctor ordered.


Everything was going well for the 'Merc with the Mouth' Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) until his professional life got intermixed with his personal. This will lead him down the path of trying to find a new purpose in his life, which could be either the potential to be a X-Man or merely just for him to be still his jolly old self even after everything he's been through. What will though help him make the call is when a time traveling soldier named Cable (Josh Brolin) has the mission to kill a mutant boy, which so happens to be Deadpool's bunk mate.


The only real complaint one must have with this production is that it cost more money to the studio to make and will only earn roughly the same amount it did in the U.S. and around the world as well with the first film. Which begs the question, was going bigger on a R-Rated production a wise move on the part of the studio. As it didn't make it any better or worthwhile for more people to see or even for fans of the first film to say it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. That is not a dig at the production that did keep the quality at the same level as before in terms of humor, performances and general dumb fun, but thinking more people would eventually join that fun because you spent more money proved to be a bad call. And this is coming from someone who would like the series to continue and watch out for the effect of diminishing returns. (source)

Moving on, the film itself did the best thing it could which was inject fresh faces into the story with the old and throw away the dead wood which may be harsh, but for a film franchise and character such as Deadpool, the last thing you need is a love interest dragging you down. Unexpectedly, the inclusion of Cable was brilliant and the casting of Josh Brolin sublime. Him and actor Ryan Reynolds both act off each other perfectly and bring that yin and yang to the series that didn't exist in the first. The old faces that return to accompany them are welcome such Negasonic and Colossus. Also, the kid plot with his possible future path wasn't bad and worked for Deadpool as a character who's arc was to do the right thing in the most Deadpool way possible. While also finally the introduction of the team X-Force in the most hilarious way you can imagine. It is by far the best moment in the film bar none and really is breathtaking how much leeway the Deadpool series gets by involving family friendly characters in horrendous situations such as Colossus saying the f word and killing off characters that in any other comic book film wouldn't even dream of doing. But, before anything else glad Domino was added to the series as she does have some of the coolest powers from the comics and also mixes well with the other members of the cast.

The rest of the film is more of the same as with the first film. A lot of sexual jokes, inside humor, pop culture references and predictable plot patterns with some twists in there that make the laugh fest into a more serious film at times and that also doesn't shy away from the personal drama the characters had faced or still coming to grips with. Either that be Wade's romance, or Cable's troubled future timeline for example. Additionally, the jokes while are not all laugh out loud are still well written and work for film's style. Not to mention the film being very aware of the political nature of the time and including a lot of well placed jokes on political individuals and even on political correctness as well. Not going to spoil anything, but a lot of the humor is edgy and most importantly funny.

The action in the film while enjoyable isn't as good as in the first in my opinion, with Deadpool having had more clear cut moments to shine in the original. Here, Cable steals the show with the action and the third act has a great guest appearance that does spice it up a bit. But, in all honesty they could have saved a buck and cut on some of the action as most go for the Deadpool humor and wild situations. Having though said that, the effects do play a role in giving Cable's weapons and gadgets an incredible presence and the look of the film throughout is never a letdown.

Note: Review is based on the viewing of the film without the post end credits scenes in mind. It ends up after having read an article about them that they do shake up the film's conclusion even more than what was brought up in the review above. This will teach me a lesson for leaving the cinema early from a Marvel film.


The return of the lovable and R-Rated Deadpool was as expected funny, dirty, provoking and entertaining. Its not often where you get what you pay for at the movies and Deadpool is two out of two at meeting audience expectations and without a shadow of a doubt its next film will most likely do the same.

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