Deadpool (2016) Review

director: Tim Miller

writers: Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick

starring: Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein

genre: Action | Comics

released: February 11, 2016 (Australia & Germany), February 12, 2016 (U.S.), February 18, 2016 (Greece)

based on the comic book: "Deadpool" by Rob Liefeld & Fabian Nicieza 

The unorthodox and fourth wall breaking superhero named Deadpool, is not the type of character that should sell to mass audiences, but somehow he has managed to do so in comic book form and now in movie theaters. Specifically, these past five years the Deadpool comics have been selling at record rates and this only made Ryan Reynolds dream much easier to come true. Now after its release and incredible marketing campaign. Everyone is in perfect mood to see the Merc crack jokes and chop off heads. However, I'm afraid to say the film is incredibly predictable, despite its great humor and action entertainment.


Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is the "Merc with a Mouth" who was lucky enough to fall in love with his dream girl, but unlucky enough to also get terminal cancer. In order to defeat the cancer, he takes part in experiment that gives him the power of regeneration, but also makes his body look like it went through a sausage grinder. Because of this, he vows revenge on the man that conducted the experiment and becomes the foul mouthed and violent hero Deadpool.


Without being a Deadpool fan, I was happy that one of the most annoying of Marvel characters was able to get his own feature film. Particularly though the credit has to go almost all to Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds. Who had this as a pet project for many years, taking a pay-cut in order to make it happen, who made a short film to push it forward and it fantastically delivered. Moreover, he was also the best choice for the role and his humor also fits perfectly to the antics Deadpool is known for. However, seeing the film it seems concessions had to be made in order to get produced. Concessions that don't make it worse, but that make it obviously similar to the rest of consumer media that is released on a monthly basis to the masses.

Now to a point this makes a great deal of sense. As studio heads most likely had no idea of Deadpool's existence as an "IP", if it would sell or what it would be about. So they probably insisted that if it is going to be made, there needs to be a love interest, happy ending and a predictable formula that all the beats and most of the jokes would be made known of from the many trailers and marketing material. Still, this could have been a conscious decision made by the production, knowing fully well that without doing the cliched, many unknown movie goers wouldn't go to see the film. Either way, it doesn't ruin the experience, it just makes it more obvious.

Nevertheless, if your going into it and you just want to see Deadpool take names and kick ass, then the entertainment provided will suffice. Reynolds is great at delivering the snarky lines, cracking jokes and being cool throughout the film. Additionally, his supporting cast all do an exceptional job and act out the ridiculousness of it with a nonchalance that works and with even some of the most dumbest of ideas. Such as Deadpool living with a blind person that they build IKEA furniture together and Deadpool falling in love with a prostitute/stripper. In general, not many things in the film don't work and there isn't much to complain about, besides of what has already been mentioned. That the film has a predictable trajectory, too many lines and scenes being spoiled in the trailers and a origin/revenge story that is fairly simplistic and by the book.


Deadpool's film debut is hilarious, action packed and faithful to the comic book character. Filled with inside humor, breaking of the fourth wall moments, plenty of explicit language and violence and funny moments such as the Taxi driver scene that standout. Could it have cut down on the marketing and provided a little bit more bang for your buck with a non conventional formula? Sure! But it is still nonetheless exactly what everyone was expecting and demanded for. So no crime, no foul. 

Personal Rating:

review by Paul Katsaros

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