Detroit Rock City (1999) Review

director: Adam Rifkin

writers: Carl V. Dupré

starring: James De Bello, Giuseppe Andrews, Edward Furlong and Sam Huntington

genre: Comedy | Music | Adventure

\What happens when you put together the 70's ,teenagers, rock music and KISS? Well the answer to this question is Detroit Rock City. It's a comedy that really describes the 70's, the music back then and to be fair its an advertisement for KISS. But can it be a good movie?

The movie opens in early 1978 where KISS back then was the most famous band in America and perhaps in the rest of the world. It was also the best period for KISS musically and artistically. Four teenagers Lex (GiuseppeAndrews), Jam (Sam Huntington), Trip (James De Bello) and Hawk (Edward Furlong) are having their garage band and they are playing KISS .The day that is about to come means a lot to them and would mean a lot to any KISS fan today not to mention back then , they are going to see KISS live .But that's about to change when Jams mom a religiously hysterical bitch which she believes that KISS is satanic, finds their tickets in Jams pocket and destroys them. But that's the least of the problems that is about to come. She is sending her son Jam to a Catholic boarding school. Trip,Hawk and Lex must now save Jam, find tickets for the concert and get to it before its over.

Like it or not you are going to see and hear a lot of things about Kiss. As i mentioned earlier it is somehow an advertisement for KISS but that doesn't mean that Detroit Rock City is a bad movie. It does a great job representing the 70's, the teenagers back then and the music. To put it in a few words its all about Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll in an enjoyable comedy. The acting is good for a comedy and for this kind of comedy we all know what jokes to expect.


If you like comedies and rock music then do yourself a favor and see it. If you like KISS then I guess you have already seen the film. Even if you don't like Kiss or you expect that the whole soundtrack will be only Kiss allow me to mention some of the bands that also play music in the film AC/DC , Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, The Ramones, Van Halen to name a few.

I am a Kiss fan so I guess you would expect me to say that is the best movie and blah blah. Yes i find the movie to be pretty good and enjoyable with lots of laughs for its kind, but to be honest when I first saw the movie I didn't know much about Kiss and still I enjoyed it . So if you have time check it out.

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review by G L

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