Diablo III (2012) Review

developer: Blizzard Entertainment 

publisher: Blizzard Entertainment 

genre: Third Person Action RPG

platform: PC

released: May 15, 2012

I had always loved Blizzard's games since my childhood. Games like Lost Vikings, Rock and Roll racing, the original Warcraft and Starcraft strategy games and pretty much all Blizzard games. Any game that Blizzard would develop and publish came out excellent, a masterpiece to say the least. Any gamer out there, unless they were living under a rock knows that the Holy Trinity of Blizzard  consists of  3 big names (or games if you prefer): Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo.

After "Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne" Blizzard took the Warcraft title from strategy to an MMO. Games like Starcraft and Diablo were kept in the shadow. All gamers knew that sooner or later those games would return. Clues were left and we were told that those games were in development and all we had to do was wait for them. The development of Starcraft 2 was announced at Blizzcon 2007 and the development of Diablo 3 was announced at the following Blizzcon of 2008. Blizzard always took its time to develop and publish their games. As it was the year 2000 when when Diablo 2 came out, it was the year 2008 that it officially announced and now in 2012 as i right this review and the third game is finally released. The big question is: was it really worth the wait?


The story of Diablo 3 is set 20 years after Diablo 2. It takes place in the same world of the Sanctuary. Deckard Cain is investigating ancient texts on some weird  prophecy. While doing so, he falls into a deep crater created by a fallen star. With the fall of that mysterious star weird stuff occur. The dead walk again and Tristam is having trouble with it. Its up to you then, as a hero and according to your class tare driven to Tristam to find out what really happened and what really is going on.

Its nothing new or original, but its not really bad or boring. What bothered me most, was the flow of it. Sure its Diablo and if you want find out more about the story and the lore of the game you must ask around the town, talk to the characters or pick up  the books/journals that you find randomly throughout certain points in the game. Not really necessary if you ask me, for a game that we were waiting  12 years and judging by the fact that we live in 2012. I would have preferred, if there were more cut scenes and through the cut scenes to be shown the important parts of the story. Starcraft 2 did this and I don't see why Diablo couldn't do it as well.


While not perfect by the standards of what we have seen by other games and the capabilities of the technology today. Its a well designed and nicely polished game. Beautiful designed characters, areas  enemies and spell effects. I ran the game on full settings and I didn't have any frame per second issues or any other kind of problems. Even if my screen is overrun by enemies and me and my friends cast spells or slash the crap out of them at the same time. The frame-rate is steady and everything else combined works perfectly.


For me this is the most important aspect of any game, let alone a Diablo game. To begin with the game is pure fun. Honestly now who wouldn't have fun running around catacombs, desserts, keeps, battlefields or destroying everything in their way? The game gives you five classes that you can play with, 2 melee classes and 3 ranged/caster classes. Those are the Barbarian, The Monk, The Witch Doctor (my personal favorite), the Demon Hunter and the Wizard. Each one plays differently and each class has its own talents and skills you can choose.

What is really important to mention, is how easy you can manage and change your skills. They are tons of combinations of skills and single class can provide to experiment with them. The ease of switching skills depending on the situation you are in makes the game something more than just fun. It makes it special and enjoyable. When it comes to video games the fun factor and the enjoyment of it is all i want. Its what keeps me there as a gamer, devoting my time to these games. The ease of switching skills, trying different combination of spells or attacks is what makes Diablo 3 Special. It is important to mention that if you really want to enjoy Diablo 3 it is best to be played with friends.


The game has 4 acts and it wont take you long to finish them. However, the game has high replayability, 5 classes to choose from, achievements, random generated maps and 4 difficulty settings (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Inferno). Not enough for you or not enough challenging for you ? Well then create a party with friends and prepare to have infinite fun time and tons of laughs. Even if you finish the game with one class, you can start again in a higher difficulty with the level that you left of and all the items and gold that you had. So sense of loss in continuation.


While not a Masterpiece like Starcraft 2 or any previous Blizzard game of past, its still a must buy. Sure it has it flaws for example: you need to be connected to the internet even for single player, the story is nothing special and the game content while decent, wasn't worth the 12 year wait. Those can be easily forgotten and ignored if you gather enough friends to enter multiplayer and destroy everything in your way. I wont bother talking about the games "online auction house", because till now it's still a bit buggy and the real money currency system is still not available. Yet, I really liked the game and I am still enjoying it. It's well worth your money, as for me I must go now and get my monster slashing on.

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review by G L

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