Dom Hemingway (2013) Review

director: Richard Shepard

writer: Richard Shepard

starring: Jude Law, Richard E. Grant, Demian Bichir and Emilia Clarke

genre: Drama | Comedy | Crime

released: March 20, 2014 (Australia), April 2, 2014 (U.S.), April 17, 2014 (Germany), April 20, 2014 (Greece)

Gangster films have always been a beloved genre and rightful so. A genre ripe for criminally active sociopaths to jeopardize their lives in zany situations and filmmakers to find the oddest situations to make funny of. With audiences falling head over heels for these criminally adept minds. It would be then foolish to pass this redemption tale of the gangster known as Dom Hemingway.


Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) has spent the last 12 years of his life in prison for keeping his mouth shut. Once out he expects what's owed to him, which is a productive relationship with his daughter and money. Two things that will take a lot of hard work to accomplish with his cocky, egoistic and loud mouthed attitude.


Comedic elements of a sinister fashion have always had a place in serious genre films, turning a boring film into an entertaining one and a vastly serious film into a fun riot. Guy Ritchie proved this with many of his British Gangster films and "Dom Hemingway" is no different.

"Matador" director Richard Shepard has already proved his worth with tackling of stories with criminality active men on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Criminals looking for some sort of redemption and acceptance from their peers. Also films that leave room for A-Level star actors to go wild with the material that until before was unknown to them.

In one of his previous films it was Pierce Brosnan who was in the uncharacteristic criminal role. Here the once hot stud and pretty boy Jude Law is the actor of choice. Naturally the pretty boy choice that could also act and take highly challenging roles. Having always delivered characteristically captivating performances. Although with a slight change as of late, with his acting parts becoming more varied and with "Dom Hemingway" more eccentric. Leaving the past pretty boy roles of "Alfie" and "Talented Mr Ripley" behind him and the action star mantra of "Repo Men" most definitely in the past.

Leading Law to giving maybe his most entertaining performance of his whole career and showing another side to his acting range. Managing to make a loud, obnoxious and English beat criminal to have heart, a great sense of humor and love for life. And making us the audience fall head first into the belief that redemption should be going his way.


"Don Hemingway" is a violent, funny and a sadistic film with many surprises around every corner. It's jokes are smart and built up, its themes of fate, justice and redemption are all well grasped and if you’re a sucker for gangster films, black humor and anything that has to do with a man or woman looking for another chance in life like me. Then you will have a splendid time with the foul mouthed, but lovable Dom Hemingway.

Personal Rating:

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review by Paul Katsaros

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