Game of Thrones: Season 3 Review

channel: HBO

creators: David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

starring: Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington

genre: Fantasy | Medieval

number of episodes: 10

first aired: March 31, 2013

based upon the book series: "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin

In "GoT" tradition the third season is a non stop ride of mischief, vengeance, backstabbing and greed. Every episode is a great look at the inner workings of back alley deals, politics, family turmoil and codes of honor. It's a show that stays true to its principle of being ever surprising, faithful to its source material and entertaining. It doesn't follow audience expectations and always knows how to keep your anticipation to the highest levels. It is my least favorite of the three seasons, however it is the most depressing and worrisome of the three. Basically being the "Empire Strikes Back" chapter of the "GoT" series. Ending the season with a bitter sweet finale of hope and misery.


Picking up from where Season 2 left us. The Starks are still fighting the Lannisters with Robb Stark and Tywin Lannister trying to outsmart each other. Above the Wall Jon Snow has infiltrated the Wildling army and hopes he can make it back home. At the same time Bran and Rickon Stark are on their way up to the Wall to see the true nature of Bran's new-found gift. Elsewhere Khaleesi is conjuring up an army like never before. Showing that the battle of Westeros could tip to her side if she remains vigilant. Also there is Stannis Baratheon who still is attempting through dark magic to gain the throne, Jamie Lannister who is on his way to Kings Landing and a couple of more characters of the many. That are either finding their ways home, nailing their way to the throne, reaching their desired goal or coming close to their unknown deaths.   


NOTE: Spoilers will be mentioned. 

It's always best to start out with the most grandiose of moments which was the "Red Wedding" scene. In "GoT" fashion the ninth episode is the most gut wrenching, eventful and important of the season. In particular this season most of us were wondering were things were going. Each season had been been this climb to a specific event. Last season it was the "Battle of Blackwater". This season it ended-up being the "Red Wedding". The difference was we only knew that it was the most important event once we got there. Contrary to the "Battle of Blackwater" or even the Ned Stark and Lannister confrontation of the first season.

With the "Red Wedding" scene "GoT" teaches us once again that anybody can die in this show and at any time. This a world that is meant to feel real and palpable even though it has dragons and ice zombies. Anybody who may be good or bad, dishonest or not, will pay the piper at some point. In this season's case the people who died. Were maybe our most beloved hope for the Westeros. That's why their loss was so hard to fathom. Because as in real life, the best of leaders are the ones that most of the time die before their time. This moment is another testament to the show's excellence. That still to this very day has maintained great focus and attention to detail on so many unique characters and story-lines and is not afraid to pay the iron price and kill them off when suitable.

Overall Season 3 was great, but still the worst of the best out of the three seasons in my opinion. Due to the fact that the season arc was kept pretty much in the dark and we never felt a build up to any particularly event or finale. This whole season was mostly about unknown paths, magics, alliances and outcomes. I also think that this season didn't have much of an impact as the previous ones did. Because of the so many locations, characters, situations and groups we had to follow.

Sometimes of which weren't covered as much as would have hoped. Either that was with the lack of time of character development, leaving situations unanswered and also moving on from scenes, characters and locations far too soon to care more about them. Most obvious examples of these cases are with the "Brotherhood Without Banners" group, the new hot stud for Khaleesi and the young adults following Bran and Rickon. Also we must not forget Season 3 is only half of the third book. Naturally many things are portrayed in this manner and maybe feel half done or shown. As well as the fact that maybe the show is getting to the point where 10 episodes might not be enough to showcase all the primary characters and sides in their full glory.

Thankfully the show did get rid of the prostitute character of Ros, whom I never understood why she even was there in the first place. The season did also gave us a nice mix of new characters and locations to look forward to, as we've gotten used to with every season. But most importantly its still the show we all watch because its always a surprise and joy. You never know whats going to happen and you always know that the effects, budget and acting are top of the line.

Finally maybe their hasn't been a show before it. That has made us fall in love with misfits, fools, murders, bastards, imps and mutilated individuals that make us hope in the end they get redemption. Jamie Lannister, Theon Greyjoy are some of the prime misfit characters amongst others. All who I undoubtedly think will play an even bigger part to the ever changing political scene of the Westeros. Proving that the route of absolution is better than the path of damnation.


Fanboy or not. You have to recognize the achievement of the show. A TV series with no fillers, focused primarily on characters, never gently handling fan favorite characters due to fear of ratings and a show that has put the highest standard of quality for their work and not for a second has it been broken or condemned to it. By far "GoT" is still the best bang for your buck TV show on the air and truthfully maybe the best source of entertainment all year round. Above movies, music and videogames.

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