Get Hard (2015) Review

director: Etan Cohen

writers: Jay Martel, Ian Roberts and Etan Cohen

starring: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie and Craig T. Nelson

genre: Comedy

released: March 26, 2015 (Australia), March 27, 2015 (U.S.), May 7, 2015 (Germany)

Kevin Hart became very famous, very fast without many people realizing it and it's not that he's not talented. It's just that other recent movie careers didn't have such a spontaneous growth as his recently had. Though with this sudden growth, the question still remains. Can Hart be a star on a global level or will he be forgotten as Martin Lawrence before him? The answer to this is possibly, as his introductory lead film to the world while mildly funny, wasn't memorable enough to make people understand why America has had for a couple of years now Kevin Hart fever.


James King (Will Ferrell) is a snob nosed stock broker that has everything going for him. Having immaculate knowledge of the business world and soon to be marrying his boss's very attractive daughter at that. Darnell (Kevin Hart) is a stand up entrepreneur who's trying make it out of the hood with his family, but is too short of funds to go ahead with it.

Their two opposite paths will come into trajectory when King manages to be set up for a white collar crime and within a month's time is to be sent to prison. Putting a substantial fright into him, until he mistaken's Darnell for a former felon because he's black. Inherently this mistake will them both unto brighter paths. King getting prepared for the worst possible experiences he might face during his prison sentence and Darnell finally getting the chance to move out of the hood for good.


Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart almost always know how to bring to their films great comedic timing, range and depth. Being both incredibly adept actors and proven fan favorites. It just would have been very nice if their comedic material also went hand and hand with their acting. Because where Ferrell excels in the crazy and Hart equally as well. They have to deal with a muddled mix of lackluster small time "meaningful" comedy and sporadic chaotic moments of perverse and violent fun. That don't always work well together as much as they would have hoped for.

For starters it takes a while for us to get into the specific groove the film wants to be in. From Darnell's down to earth attitude and earnest way of living, to King's showboating and affluent way of life. It also doesn't help that the craziness of the film has too many sudden outbursts that could have began sooner, in order for them not to feel so out of place. Especially towards the end and its bizarre climax. Containing a joke that could have worked in an "Anchorman" film, but not in this film under any circumstance.

I could also mention how silly the plot of the film is with King's financial set up, but thats the least of the film's problems. Most of all I think that the film needed a little bit more from its supporting cast sooner, especially because the good jokes start from the middle of the film and on went more players are involved.

Additionally once we accept Darnell's routine and King's really out of the box way of thinking. We enjoy even more the racial and social economical jokes that they play off each other. It just happens that far too many times the film boggles down a scene with just the two of them and makes it feel very dry as if they were out of material. Instead once they both are confronted with awkward situations the film gets back on track.

More than anything else it would have helped if this film was directed by someone along the lines of Adam McKay (Talladega Nights) or the directing duo team of "22 Jump Street" and "Lego Movie". Their kind of vision and out of this world way of thinking on joke setup, emotional build up and absurd humor would have suited this film much more.


"Get Hard" needed nothing more than a few bigger moments that it was deeply lacking, a real climax to finish it off and a more substantial interconnected cast. Besides that, it is funny enough to get through, especially if you're a fan of one of the two lead actors. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother with giving it a chance.

Personal Rating:

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review by P K

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