Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009) Review

director: Peter Chelsom

writer: Dan Berendsen

starring: Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus and Vanessa Williams

genre: Family | Music 

released: 10 April 2009 (USA)

Let me begin by saying, this film was not made for me. I am not it's audience, but that doesn’t mean that I don't want to see what's the whole fuss concerning "Hannah Montana", why little girls go crazy for her? and also as a reviewer to give my two cents about it and to inform others if this film is worth it or not.


The film is about Miley Stuart/Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) and how her double life of being pop star and little girl is making her be a bad girl and act out. The media are after her and want to find out Hannah Montana's secret. After her terrible moods, her dad (Billy Ray Cyrus) has the idea that a trip to grandmas and finding her roots will do the trick. Nevertheless, the media is still on her trail.

Then the film drastically changes gear for no reason and it's now Hannah's job to save the town from the big bad corporation out to make a mall in the great meadows of her granny’s hometown. She finally does save the town and accepts her life as living the best of both worlds At the same time, the whole town finds out who she is and accepts it and will keep the secret safe.


The whole film is about a secret. Which the audience knows already, but her world doesn't. Seems like the stupidity with Clark Kent and Superman where people can't see the resemblance even though its staring right at them. Another problem is the film's humor. The best kid’s films are the ones that can make adults laugh like 'Finding Nemo'. Something that is non existent in a few words, in addition to any drama scenes that are a complete let down. Of course due to how stupid Hannah Montana is. My confusion is why little girls love her? Is Hannah Montana such interesting character? Not really. She possesses no interesting characteristics to speak of. Also why would anyone believe that a whole town would keep a secret like that. As if people our that kind and genuine.

Yet, there is one good thing about the film and its that they don’t try to portray Hannah Montana as a seductive and hot young teenager. Our culture today has gone to these lengths were fashion and society need to make public figures sexy. So little girls can be jealous of people like Paris Hilton. But, we should never expect such a tactic from the Disney channel. They would never cross that line, but they will allow children to follow a girl who sings terrible music, who continuously ends up in moronic situations and lets little girls think that it’s correct to live double lives. Don’t we all know that double lives only lead to better things in life..


Like a said in the beginning this film was not for me. But I still can’t understand why children would be a fan of this. I hope they will realize how amateur and lame "Hannah Montana" is one day. Furthermore, I don’t advise any parent to let their kids see "Hannah Montana", as there is far better entertainment for children out there.

Personal Rating:

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review by Paul Katsaros

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