Horrible Bosses (2011) Review

director: Seth Gordon

writers: Michael Markowitz, John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein

starring: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day

genre: Comedy

released: July 8, 2011 (U.S.)

Another film with a jam packed cast, funny premise and a great trailer. That fools us once again into believing that Hollywood trailers are as good as their films. "Horrible Bosses" is a mildly funny film that falls short of being a laugh fest, with very few original jokes and relying too much on the jokes we enjoyed from the trailer. A expected outcome from a studio comedy, but not from the all star cast of the film that should do better with the material that they are handed to.


Three best friends decide that enough is enough and that there respective bosses should all die. Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), Nick (Jason Bateman), and Dale (Charlie Day) recon their targets, ask for outside help, find  weakness before they go for the kill. But it wont be easy as there not trained killers and there bosses aren't as stupid as they think.


Its nice to see these kind of casts are assembled. But its then sad that they are almost always assembled into projects that are never memorable enough. Coincidence? The film has a great premise, great actors on both sides from the employees to the bosses and also a great supporting cast. But dosen't have enough mojo working for it to keep it going.

Hence most comedies rely on their trailers and cast to sell them to a prospective audience and their actual value in comedy. "Horrible Bosses" is no exception in selling out most of its jokes and plot through its trailer. Making prospective movie goers familiarized with the film and easier for them to view it and not fear the unexpected. Put in a couple of extra jokes in the trailer and a great cast and that's a Hollywood comedy for you. Sold!

But for me that's not enough to make a good film. The film lacks major gags, funny one liners and the humor that it comes down to, is the occasional funny dialogue and silly slapstick acts made by the characters. And bear in mind these aren't laugh out loud moments. The film focuses more on moving the plot of the murders than slowing things down and creating great scenes of comedy.

That's not to say that the film doesn't have any humor value at all. Anybody who will see this will love to see the cast in their funny roles and most will be satisfied enough with the end outcome of the film. I was generally disappointed that the cast weren't let loose into frantic situations that could have been created.

Additionally with out spoiling much. The premise is about killing your evil bosses, that deserve to pay for their sins. Right? Why didn't they go further down the rabbit hole with that? They already had the R rating, but instead played the film mostly as if it was a PG-13 comedy.


Most will get what they need out of this film, but I was expecting much more due to the cast. It's just simply another comedy for the masses with cool posters and a fancy trailer to get the money a rolling. See it, smile, then smirk and then forget.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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