Identity Thief (2013) Review

director:  Seth Gordon

writer:  Craig Mazin

starring:  Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy

genre:  Comedy

released:  February 8, 2013 (U.S.), March 28, 2013 (Germany)

There is no avoiding it, when you are a hot property in Hollywood you will be thrown into any kind film you can imagine, as long as their is money to be made. Both starring actors here have been doing this bit for awhile and in a way who can blame them. When these kind of films are easy to make and fun to shoot. You can't always ask the question why they even bother to be apart of it. Suffice to say, the film isn't as great of a mess as you might have imagined. Its a decent establishment comedy that has enough humor to go around and dosen't make all the time you spent on it to be a complete waste.


Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) is the typical honest and hard working American man with a wife, kids and a great job. The only thing missing was the knowledge not to divulge personal information over the phone in fear of possible "Identity Theft". Behind this particular scam is an unknown woman named Julia (Melissa McCarthy) and shes already in the process of squeezing Sandy dry.

When Sandy then enters financial debt and is in trouble of losing his job and everything he's worked hard over. He's left only with the choice of either waiting or going all the way to Florida to apprehend the woman himself and possibly convincing her to come back with him. This will prove for the both of them to be a nightmare and a blessing. As they will soon come to find very admirable characteristics in each other and that only together can they escape the dangerous debt collectors that are on their tail.


The film dosen't shy away from cliches with its stereotypical bad boss, flawed villain that we will feel sorry of and the many characters that are overtly rude and loud compared to real life. All more or less present to emphasize the unfair nature of Sandy Patterson's predicament and the terrible life that Julia has to deal with.

Even with these cliches and abnormalities of the genre, it's still a pretty funny film. The actors do a great job with the material at hand, which by now they are accustomed to. The film has many moments of psychical comedy that once again work greatly, because of the actors talent. But most importantly their is a very good chemistry between them. Which leads us the viewers into actually caring for them and hoping that their predicament will end safely.


It's definitely one of those comedies that you will know the end result before you get there. But pay no mind as the only reason you will see this film is to pass the time and in that respect its adequate entertainment.

Personal Rating: 

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review by Paulaner

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