Jack and Jill (2011) Review

director: Dennis Dugan

writers: Steve Koren & Adam Sandler

starring: Adam Sandler

genre: Comedy | Family

released: November 11, 2011 (U.S.)

This film is disgraceful and downright unfunny. It's the culmination of Adam Sandler's family friendly films hitting rock bottom. Instead of Sandler being controversial, edgy and funny as he once was. He's remained stale and without creative appeal due to him being tied down, to a no nothing genre of cinema. It's appalling that Sandler and before him Eddie Murphy have fallen so low to forget how they started their careers and how come we fell in love with their work in the first place.


Jack (Adam Sandler) is a successful producer of commercials. He has a happy family and far away twin sister. Who also is on of the most annoying people on Earth Jill (Adam Sandler). When Thanksgiving arrive, the family reunites with Jack family horror. One thing leads to another and Jill permanently lives with Jacks family. This will be Jack's hell on Earth. He will then soon have to realize the value of family once again and if he and Jill truly are one and the same.


If people thought "Norbit" was a bad career move for Eddie Murphy, well "Jack and Jill" is no different. I'm paralleling these iconic movie stars, for the reason that they have both fallen off the wagon or in other words sold out. That might sound harsh, as there professionals and work for a living. But this of course a opinion. 

They both started out as edgy comedians with stand up, SNL stints and hit films. They were already rich and famous. So we cant put them on the same page as Nicolas Cage who has financial issues. They both seemed to got bored or tired at searching for real comedies and quality or edgy work. They opted for the quick cash cow of family films. Making these films are cheap, writing them is a joke and selling them is a peace of cake. Stick a couple stars on the screen and people will eat it up, until a point. We can only hope..

The over reaching problem that we have seen of late with actors and filmmakers. Is once they get a bit old, they think of making films for the kids and family. The thing is, you can make something that your kids will be proud of in 20 years but cope out of making quality material for money and ease.

Jack and Jill relies on humor that only a child could laugh with. There are very few inside jokes for adults, meaning references to adult content or even low brough humor that you could like. All the humor is directed to and showing how much Jill is obnoxious and stupid. Evidently all the jokes dont work, as they all feel forced and fail miserably with Sandler's over the top performance as a woman. Besides Sandler performance, there's a terrible Pacino cameo, a boring supporting cast that provides nothing and lots and lots of sight and injury gags that are painful to the eyes.


Adam Sandler has to rethink his career and come to terms with how low can he go. The man can act, he has made good comedies and even some great romantic comedies. Why has he given up so easily just to make silly family films, that I would never show to my kids? It has to be either greed or lack of creative will. Because he was making already a lot of money before and by being a little bit more edgy. The way we liked him.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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