Men In Black 3 (2012) Review

director:  Barry Sonefield

writer: Ethan Cohen

starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin

genre:  Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi

released:  May 25, 2012 (U.S.)

It's unbelievable, but sequels can surprise you at times. "Men In Black" was the series that no one saw coming, but everyone fell in love with. The second film didn't pack quite the punch and left most disappointed. Thankfully the third outing fixes past mistakes, happily relieves us of another possible dissapoitment and also may leave some dazzled with its charm and it's very cunning storytelling.


When an old alien foe of Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) escapes out of prison. Its up to Jay (Will Smith) and him to stop him yet again. This time it won't prove as easy as the alien Boris (Jemaine Clement) has accomplished to erase Kay from time in the present. Now Jay will have to go back in time, join up with young Kay (Josh Brolin) to stop Boris from his original plan of destroying the Earth and at the same time save Kay's life.


In almost every sequel's case, there are more reasons and great ones not to make another installment a reality. Here on the contrary they actually did find a good enough reason to come back for another run and in a profound way making the series come full circle.

The most important factor of the series were not only it its lighthearted humor, hilarious alien makeup and cool action. It was also in the chemistry and connection between Kay and Jay. What the second film was missing was that emotional depth to story and the connection between Kay and Jay as partners, but also as friends. That was enhanced not only by the plot, Kay's motivations from keeping Jay in the dark, the acting of the main characters, but also by primarily showcasing young Kay and the real reasons why he became an old prune. 

Furthermore, the last film had such a dull one note villain. That was so uninteresting she required a sidekick to pump the film up. Once again, lesson learned and the filmmakers created a hilarious villain in "Boris the Animal". That has a cool alien design, powers and is a maniacally funny, stupid and a fitting villain for this film.


Every time another sequel pops out you think the worse and sometimes its nice to be proven wrong. "Men In Black 3" brings back the fun nature of the series. With an actually well written script that feels sensible and important to us and through the thick of it, wasn't all to waste.

Personal Rating: 

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review by P K

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