Mr. Poppers Penguins (2011) Review

director: Mark Waters

writers: Sean Anders, John Morris & Jared Stern

starring: Jim Carrey

genre: Comedy | Family

released: 17 June 2011 (USA)

What we have here is probably the worst family film of the year, if not one of the worst films of the year. 'Mr. Poppers Penguins' is one of the dumbest films ever made and one of the worst examples of Hollywood at work.


Popper (Jim Carrey) is a savvy and fast talking business man that can make any deal go down. He is also a lousy father and husband, a result of not having a great childhood due to his own father's lousiness.

One day a package arrives from his dearly departed father as a gift. This package will change Popper forever. The Penguins that enter his life will change him and make him realize what's important in life and have fun and be happy again.


How is that filmmakers continue to make family films that are totally unrealistic and far too silly to let any child see is astounding. I know its for children and people might say that the material dosen't hurt anyone, but isn't this the wrong sort of stuff for children to consider as entertainment. Think about the messages that kids will get from this film. If your father is a jerk when you were a kid then you will be like him and disconnect with your family as much as possible. Next make a complete u-turn with your life when you don't learn from your mistakes or from any life changing events and relationships. However, become the perfect dad out of nowhere due to a unrealistic event that is not only not plausible, but highly stupid to think that any grown man would change for his children only if penguins just entered their life.

I can continue in mentioning how stupid also the humor within the film is with the cheap comedy tricks of poop jokes and finally our favorite soccer ball to the nuts jokes. The film is not only preposterous but also lacking good humor. Also the stupidity of the characters and the way they act with the penguins is amazing. As if it would be normal for anyone to own penguins and walk them on the street with no one saying a thing or calling the cops. And then there is the mother and children being the biggest morons on Earth. The mom who thinks its OK for her kids to have penguins and the kids who are old enough to know that having penguins like that is not only illegal (probably), but also quite crazy.

Lastly, there is Jim Carrey who with this film manages to enter the family of actors that have really lost their mind. Carrey just like Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler are playing in terrible family films not because they like these films but because there is a lot of money in them and their easy to make. And I wouldn't accept the excuse that its done for their children. Because first of all you can just tell your kids to see them in better films when they grow up. Two, why make a dumb film to give more to your son when the kid is already quite wealthy and three, you can pick better family films to make than 'Poppers Penguins'. They are directors and writers capable of thinking of something better than this. And lets not forget actors like Jim Carrey has the connections to make that possible.


Families should avoid this film if they care at all for their sanity and for their kids sake. As its not funny, not entertaining and the morale of the story is penguins are the cure for all your sorrows.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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