Now You See Me (2013) Review

director: Louis Leterrier

writers: Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin & Edward Ricourt

starring:  Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine

genre:  Crime | Mystery | Thriller

released:  May 31, 2013 (U.S.), July 11, 2013 (Germany)

This movie is hogwash and very much annoying. It wants us to partake on the greatest charade known to mankind. With culprits dropping their normal magician lives to become international criminals. In the interest of a secret magic organization that they don't even know if its truly real. All because a couple of guys committed some unethical actions to the wrong man, that happens to be himself at fault for his own death. Astonishing how the real magic trick of this film was duping audiences into seeing it in the first place. Where it should have been instead been a cataclysmic box office bomb.


4 solo magicians are mysteriously put together to attempt and pull off the most elaborate of magic tricks and acts in world history. For unknown purposes they are put together and with a mysterious end goal that only by the end will we have found it out. On their trail and trying to unravel the mystery are the F.B.I., Interpol, an ex-magician that can reveal magic tricks and a millionaire with a grudge.


With each passing moment the film gets harder and harder to enjoy, believe and follow. From the mentalism tricks being the most simply orchestrated acts ever possible. To the technology being highly powerful holographic machines that would need portray photo realistic CGI graphics. Which by the way don't exist, but somehow were created with no real explanation of who had the expertise or the money to make it happen. Plus the undeniable question of how the hell 4 magicians got convinced to become international criminals for the end prize of not money, fame or satisfaction. But a blurred and vague end game for a secret organization. That they didn't even know of and not sure of its existence even by the end.

Many of the things we see within the film are just not possible. Such as the easiness of access into the FBI security system and firewall. Also the amount of hypnotism done on all the audience members and agents. All of these actions and more must have taken years of calculation and research. Which personally I did not buy into how everything was orchestrated to perfection with no mishaps and all making no real sense by the end. Making me believe that the culprit that supposedly were supposed to be sympathetic to is actually a giant douche. 

Furthermore, the film could be considered very similar to the film "Red Lights". Both deal with the matter of magic and mentalism being powerful abilities of the human mind and body or to be complete fabrications and con artist techniques. Were "Red Lights" tried to take it seriously as a drama. "Now You See Me" takes it to heights of implausibility and potential areas of fantasy that make me personally intoxicated.


For some reason audiences found this film to be enticing, magical and entertaining. But just as the movie continually blurts out the line "Come in closer. Because the more you think you see. The easier it will be to fool you." Which is exactly what this film has done to audiences worldwide. Fooled them into seeing an unbelievably clever and breathtaking mystery. Only that it was unbelievably impossible, fake and far too elaborate for half of the stuff to even be accomplished. 

Personal Rating:

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review by P K

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