Nowhere Boy (2009) Review

director: Sam Taylor-Wood

writer: Matt Greenhaigh

starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kristin Scott Thomas and David Threlfall

genre: Biopic | Drama | Music

released: December 26, 2009 (Australia), December 8, 2010 (Germany)

If there was a specific biopic that I wish to have been made it would be a full blown big budget Beatles film. But for that to happen all the planets of the solar system would have to be aligned. For now we have to make due with a small part of John Lennon's life in the wonderful film called Nowhere Boy. This is about John Lennon's youth and the first meetings he had with his fellow Beatles band-mates. But most importantly about his relationship with his family and mother.


John (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is 15 years old and a troublemaker. Not good at school and always interested in getting into trouble one way or another. He lives with his aunt and uncle due his mom's inability to take care of him. This leads John to his Mom and his curiosity to find out what led to this inability and maybe there was a way to rekindle their lost relationship.  

At the same time this will lead the Lennon family into confrontation and big secrets that will have to be revealed to John. Throughout these events John will learn of his passion for rock and roll and Elvis. Huge influences that will lead him to learning the guitar and creating the Quarrymen which later one day will lead to the legendary band of the Beatles.


The film is filled with dynamic performances and a keen look at the dramatic filled youth of John Lennon. We can see from young his influences and his rebellious side. He was the most controversial member of the Beatles and the most rebellious at youth. But it wasn't in spite of having a destructive family but actually a very loving family that in the end came together instead of tearing apart for young John.


As a drama 'Nowhere Boy' excels in bringing great performances, an interesting look at the young life of John Lennon and plenty of drama that came out of his young life. For Beatles fans this is a great recommendation. Now we just have to wait much a little while longer for a Beatles biopic. If that ever happens...

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review by Paul Katsaros

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