Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (2010) Review

developer: Namco Bandai

publisher: Namco Bandai

game designer: Toru Iwatani

genre: Arcade, Maze

platform: Xbox Live, PlayStation Network

released: November 17, 2010 (XBLA), November 23, 2010 (PSN)

Haven't we all at some point in our lives played Pac-Man. It may not have been the original or even Ms. Pac-Man, hell it could have been one of those 3D platform Pacman games on the PlayStation. But have we ever really gone crazy on Pac-Man fever? I have with the new Pac-Man game that is out now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. It's another remake from developer Namco Bandai, the original creator of Pac-Man to bring us the follow-up of Pac-Man Championship Edition (2007) with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

Now you may be wondering what did the first championship edition remake do and what does the DX version follow-up on? Does it change Pac-Man that we all know of completely? Well quite simply the Championship Edition supported new features to the original Pac-Man game with eating more pellets, a bigger maze, different modes and better graphics and more. But the DX version does all that with even more tweaks and by doubling the content.

The DX version doesn't only stop at giving you only more mazes to play from but also lots of modes. Now score mode isn't the only mode anymore with the inclusion of a time attack mode and a ghost combo mode. Also there are slight variations to them within the game. The game has about 9 mazes in total. They are all different in style and demand different strategy's to get to your goal, either it be eating fruits to get a better time or eating as much as you can to get a better score. Some of the new features of the game are the new ghosts, improved and stunning graphics for a Pac-Man game of course and the outstanding music that has to be some of the best this year. Also this probably one of the best games out there to crazy on for leader-boards.


At the price of a mere 10 dollars or 800 Microsoft points it's a steal. The addictiveness, the amount of additions and the classic game play all make it into a excellent package. It would be blasphemy not to buy this game or at least give it a try. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is one of the best games of the year and a reminder that retro games are still cool.

Personal Rating:

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review by P K

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