Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) Review

director: Elizabeth Banks

writer: Kay Cannon

starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfeld

genre: Comedy | Music

released: May 7, 2015 (Australia), May 14, 2015 (Germany), May 15, 2015 (U.S.)

This generation's "Revenge of the Nerds" is an amalgamation of Hollywood's need to run dry every successful "IP" they've ever gotten their hands on. And although the sequel only cost 30 million to make. It isn't worth our breath to trash on it too much. As they are bigger fish to fry first than this cliched and non confrontational girly film.


An accidental wardrobe malfunction from one of the members of the University A cappella group the "Bellas" puts the team on a temporary suspension. Which the only way to circumvent it and get back to fully performing and regaining their bragging rights. Is with taking part in the world A cappella championship and make the United States the winner.


Because of the "Glee" craze that had been going around the world and the natural sentimental feeling in us all to root for the underdog/outcast in media and in life. The first film manged to become an overnight success instead of in and out passing experience.

It had in it a bunch of colorful characters that filled their ticked stereotypical boxes of movie characters nicely. From the weird foreign girl, to the obese funny one and even to the sexy tramp. All of them are back for the sequel, but most are really just retreading on previous shticks and are just there to tick those boxes once more.

Accompanying them is the new gal to the group Hallie Steinfeld. Who with a minimal role in scope and on script. Does actually a good job of playing the extremely chippy and talented young woman that wants to prove herself in front of the great "Bellas". In addition to the new girl aspect to the film is the existence of an antagonistic group in the German A Capella group DSM. Who do create some wonderful moments of comedic fun and are one of the best things about the sequel.

More than anything else the film is really about coming together within a group, having fun and singing some our culture's greatest hits. This for the majority of fans will be more than enough. With the final showdown being fun and heartwarmingly cheesy as it needed to be.

If anything else needed to be accomplished to the in general cliched and over the top mess that this film is. It would have to have been an added emphasis of the confronting issues the girls of the group would have to encounter in the future. Such an uneasy job market, the fact that they sang their youth away and that most of them should have studied more and graduated by now. And although some of what I mention were mildly touched upon within the film. No real repercussions came of it and neither significant strife was developed within the Bella group.


This film is pure and simple a money grab from Hollywood to make a quick buck off of women who can't get enough of top 40 songs sung by a group of comradering women. That will eventually sing A cappella songs to the unemployment office one day and then wait patiently for the reunion film to be booked, in order for them to reminisce on how good life used to be.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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