Prometheus (2012) Review

director: Ridley Scott

writers: Jon Spaihts & Damon Lindelof

starring: Charlize Theron, Noomi Rappace, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender & Logan Marshall-Green

genre: Mystery | Sci-Fi

released: June 5, 2012 (Greece), June 8, 2012 (U.S.), August 9, 2012 (Germany)

In the past ten years of cinema, how many good sci-fi films can you recall seeing? Not many I can imagine. Personally I had to recall "Minority Report" and "Inception" as the exceptional examples of science fiction film experiences. But beside those two, nothing else came to mind and that says a lot about the genre. Thankfully Prometheus" is there to fill the void and make due for the lost opportunities in the sci-fi genre.


Set before the events of the Alien series, still within the same universe, but not being a direct prequel. Prometheus is a intelligent story about the quasi roots of mankind.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) have found together throughout the world, evidence of Alien life through iconography of faraway planets. They in cahoots with the "Weyland" technological mega company, set out to the stars to explore a distant planet and its connection to our would be creators. There with the Captain of the ship, a representative of the Weyland company, a Android and crew. Shall seek the clues to our existence and maybe our end.


Were the film becomes ever so special, is in its proper distance from the "Alien" films and at the same time the special link it holds on to them. Haven't we all seen films that create incredible universes, but then do nothing with them. Instead of going with straight on prequels that involve to much of the original material. The Prometheus route of setting it in the same universe and ever so slightly referencing the franchise. Is an impeccable idea, that not only works better, but shows that you can get easily get new and old fans on board.

Original "Alien" director Ridley Scott is back on board and to our relief dosen't necessarily make the same film. Even though it does follow a similar pattern in the start. His touch is well noticed and was required for this film to be the hit that it is. From details in the scenery, to the effects and atmosphere. He provides us with the right amount of thrills and chills, but it also a real interesting and mysterious plot to delve into and a highly detailed world of practical and special effects that are beauty to see.  All that make Prometheus feel even more grandiose than it really is. 

It isn't by any margin on the same level of "Alien" or "Aliens". As there are quite a few problems with the film, not major but substantial  The end of the film is kind of pushed and feels out of place. The why the mission fails is cliched and you don't buy it. As was the kind of predictable the film closed on. As they were hoping for a new franchise to be created and it to be closed shut book. Also the music could be also called questionable, as its music cues of supposed human greatness and discovery are just awkward and to on the nose obvious.

Then if you also add the fact, that many of the questions of the film are never unraveled, nor were many explanations given in context to how some of the aliens are created or even why everything is just happening. Then if you can get your head beyond these teensie plot hole problems. You will do just fine just fine.


So here we have not only the best example of doing a prequel right, but a bright beginning of a new franchise being born and the best that sci-fi has to offer us in a number of years. A fun film, that might not explain much, but nonetheless manages to provide the most realistic and intense science fiction film you will have seen in a while.

Personal Rating:

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review by P K

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