Red Hood The Lost Days (2010) Review

publisher: DC Comics

writer: Judd Winick

penciler: Pablo Raimondi & Jeremy Haun

genre: Superhero

issues: 6

Out in trade paperback

After DC brought Jason Todd back from the dead, people changed there tune about what they thought about the character. When suddenly the second Robin was killed by the Joker, back in the late Eighties. Nobody cared about the loudmouth brat unexpectedly dying. Now that he is a pretty bad ass antihero under the name of Red Hood. A vigilante with no rules, no moral values on killing lowlifes scum. Fans have embraced him more than they did back in the Eighties.

He starred in the climax of the Hush story ending, he was the main antagonist in the"Under Red Hood Story", one of the protagonists of the countdown to Final Crisis (yea yea i know it was mediocre to say the least...), and even got himself in the DC Animated Universe with the animation "Under the Red Hood", not to mention that he has now his own comic series "Red Hood and the Outlaws" To say the least, I love Jason Todd, I  loved him as a Robin and nothing makes me happier that DC is publishing more of him.


The story takes place right after the events of "Death in the Family" and covers right till the start of the "Hush" storyline. After Superboy Prime messed with the multiverse. Jason came back to life, but was more or less in a "zombie/vegetable" state. He was only acting out of instinct and with little understanding of what was going on around him. Talia Al Ghul the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul one of Batman's No. 1 enemies finds him and takes him under her "protection". There is a bigger plan behind that move and  sorry but i wont spoil it for you... Jason manages to get his senses back and he finds out what really happened and what were Batman's actions after his death.Getting emotionally fractured he then chooses to follow a way of training his former mentor would never try or dare to do.


I will say it again I love Jason Todd so reading the comic-book was more than simply joy to me. I always wanted to see how he got trained, what was he thinking when he came back, how his moral values changed. To be honest i somehow understand him and his actions read the comic and you will understand that he is not clearly evil he is just unbalanced on how to deal with crime. The comic didn't have any plot holes in the story at all!

Its a great story of how someone can really go against his former mentor and how some morals codes and values  you had in the past can go completely on the other side in the name of Revenge. Through the story you see how Jason established his connections with some people and the training he underwent to become the "Beast"  called Red Hood.

Everything is well explained and i like the way Todd thinks when is handling situations or planning his next move. The writer Judd Winick also wrote the Under the Red Hood story so you understand that its pretty good and solid to say the least. Also It really covers well the gap, between the Death In the Family and Hush from Jason's point of view and all his actions threw out the said graphic novels.


"Red Hood: The Lost days" is a hidden gem. It's a must read for people who've read the "Under the Red Hood" storyline, "the Hush" storyline and if they really like Jason Todd/Red Hood. Though I would have loved to read more (cant get enough, sorry folks), the 6 issues do get the job done. The art of Pablo Raimondi and Jeremy Haun is really well drawn, the story is solid and keeps you entertained. Another viewpoint on how to deal with scums and criminals from Batman's fallen spawn is time well spent.

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