Resident Evil 6 (2012) Review

developer: Capcom

publisher: Capcom

genre: Third Person Shooter/Action | Horror

platform: PS3 | Xbox 360 | PC (Not yet released)

released: October 2, 2012

As it's almost Christmas and the perfect period of the year to get some rest and relaxation. Either that be buying new games, comics, gadgets and actually have the time to be occupied with them. With the many new releases of games that we have near the holidays and late Autumn one that got my most attention was Resident Evil 6.

I have always been a hardcore Resident Evil fan, but when the series went from the Survival Horror to the more Action oriented, Third Person Shooter genre, I was then lost. To this day I still don't understand why Capcom made those changes and to make things even more complicated Capcom released Resident Evil 6. Was it worth our money and time? Did it take a step in the right direction? Lets find out.


Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2012. A new kind of virus is on the loose and bio-terrorists attacks are taking place in countries around the world. The story is separated into 3 story-lines Leon's, Chris's and Jake's (actually there is one more once you complete those 3, but wont i wont spoil the fun). In order for someone to fully understand the story, he must play through all of the 3 story-lines.  

Each one takes place in a different time e.g. Jake's story takes place from December 2012 to June of 2013. However there will be times that one characters story will meet up with some events from another characters story. It's an interesting perspective to have a storyline divided in pieces. Where if you connect though one, then another might sometimes create "spoilers" based on the order that you have picked them.


Capcom did an amazing work with the graphics once again. The visual and the effects are pretty good, damn good I would say. I never had a time, where I felt that the graphics weren't polished in a Capcom game. When it comes to details and lighting (which is an important thing for a Resident Evil game). Capcom hasn't let me down. Far from it, I was amazed by the details put into the environments and the eye-candy experience I experienced.


And this is where things get really confusing for me... With the release of Resident Evil 4 the genre of the Resident Evil games, became action oriented. But this time... oh boy... they took it to a whole new level... It became even more action oriented, like it wasn't enough with Resident Evil 5. While most of the time the formula was the same with RE 5 and then there were times that I thought I was playing a completely different game, but with the cast of Resident Evil.

Then we get to the Zombie baddies with machine guns and rocket launchers, zombies driving snowmobiles, taking down helicopters, driving a motorcycle while avoiding a chopper and many other things that are like leftovers from other action oriented games. Where did they come up with this stuff?

The only interesting thing out of it, was Leon's storyline. The one that still smelled and felt like the good old Resident Evil game of mindless zombies that consume living flesh, with a dark atmosphere, claustrophobic environments, things that you would expect when you hear the word "Resident Evil".

It is important to note that the game is full of quick time events. It seems that Resident Evil got "infected" with that crappy trend that games have lately. Having a cut-scene and then all of a sudden have a quick time event, quickly pressing a button or a combination of buttons or else its game over. I don't know or get how Residents Evil gameplay became like that. Oh and one more thing... About the difficulty? Its an easy to normal game compared to previous RE games, compiled with many many, many frustrating and infuriating quick time event moments. 


This is perhaps the strongest aspect of the game. Like i said earlier the game is divided in fou... I mean three story-lines that have plenty of chapters. To make it simple, the storyline covers more or less 70% of content of what RESI 5 was. So its a big game. Of course it's Resident Evil, so you should expect plenty of extra content once you finish the game. Mercenaries mode, extra chapters and future DLC all make the game worthy of your money and time.


While it did give me some frustrating moments and there were times that it didn't feel like a Resident Evil game and it wasn't all that bad of a game. It's an okay game with a storyline that may have been done before more or less, but if you are a Resident Evil fan you are still going to enjoy it. The content is also great with plenty of replayability and value. It's just the odd gameplay that seems to be out of place for a RE game. If you put that aside, then you would have had a decent title. I just wish that all of the story-lines where like Leon's. After all he has the only story to represent the title of the game.

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review by G L

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