Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) Review

director: Dave Green

writers: Josh Appelbaum & André Nemec

starring: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Tyler Perry and Noel Fisher

genre: Action | Family | Fantasy

released: 29 May 2016 (Australia), 3 June 2016 (USA), 2 June 2016 (Greece), 11 August 2016 (Germany)

Even though reboots are usually not anything special and primarily directed to a newer and younger audience. You can always find some things to make them somewhat worthwhile. The new 'TMNT' film series may not live up to the cartoon show or even be close to what die-hard comic book fans wish it to be. However, it is still acceptable family entertainment with simplistic, but good messages on the bonds of brotherhood and family with some good jokes and action along the way.


The Turtles continue to live their lives in N.Y. hidden from the public that they saved and who they wish they could be a part of. Together they still protect the city and team up with April O'Neil as their human contact. Their presence though in the city may not be able to be kept a secret for long when Shredder manages to escape police custody and creates another situation to destroy the N.Y. metropolitan area. It's now up to the Turtles, April and a young correctional officer Casey to stop Shredder and his new evil ally Krang.


When the film you are about to see is produced by Michael Bay your almost guaranteed three things: dumb action, eye candy and lewd humor. Due to the family nature of the film there is isn't any lewd humor to go around, but its still filled from start to finish with satisfactory action scenes, a number of good comedic jokes and big action set pieces that never create a dull moment for you to ponder when the film is about to end.

Additionally, the intimate moments between the turtles are well handled in order for them to have a small arc till the end of the film. Sadly, it is very short and to the point. But, the amount of time given is more than enough for the material and for the audience its directed to. Let's not forget this is a quick cash grab property that not a lot of thought was put into it. With the effects work being decent and the chemistry between the turtles still being the high point of the series. However, with significant letdowns in April O'Neil as a character to the actress portraying her, the introduction of Casey and Shredder as a villain who is good enough for a Power Ranger flick, but not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The real supporting cast to the Turtles in the film are Rocksteady and Bebop that are funny and dumb as needed to be, with the occasional visit from Splinter that is welcomed and was one of the best parts of the first film and also the introduction to the movie universe of the Turtles famous cheesy villain Krang. That even though his entrance was over the top, was better than anything Shredder had done in the entire film. Even, Madea had a more significant presence than Shredder and his 'Foot Clan'. Something the last two 'TMNT' films have handled miserably.


When we don't have families ourselves we normally don't think about the family friendly entertainment that is widely available out there. And from all the options available 'TMNT 2' ticks all the boxes in being your standard family film to satisfy kids, teenagers and even a little bit adults that were old Turtle fans back in the day, like myself.

Personal Rating:

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review by P K

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