The Babymakers (2012) Review

director: Jay Chandrasekhar

writers: Peter Gaulke & Gerry Swallow

starring: Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn

genre: Comedy

released: August 3, 2012 (U.S.)

I wondered what path the comedy group "Broken Lizard" would take. Would they ever get the fame and recognition they deserve or remain constantly in a cult status. Fortunately there still able to scrung up a budget every so often, making comedies that are a breath of fresh air from the conventional non offensive comedies of Hollywood. Sadly this not a official Broken Lizard film, even though some of the members are present. It may look like one of their films, but one crucial ingredient is missing. Their very useful & distinct comedic input.


Tommy (Paul Schneider) & Audrey (Olivia Munn) are the perfect couple. Their deeply in love, insanely attracted to each other and a match made in heaven. One final detail is missing to the equation, a baby. Audrey is healthy and able, but Tommy on his side is lost of almost all of his good sperm.

The only option left is adoption, even though they both want a true kid of their own. Tommy then recalls of his time as a sperm doner and that there could be some of his sperm left. When he finds out that one last batch of his sperm is left in the sperm bank and is about to be sold. Its up to him and his friends to team up and commit the sperm bank heist of the century.


What can always be expected from the members of the "Broken Lizard" group, is for them to give it all that they got with each performance. No matter how ludicrous or disgusting the scenes may be. This is a given and throughout the film many such scenes give the film a much needed anchor, by actually being pushy with the lines of comedy and not striving away from low brow humor or whatnot.

This dosen't mean that it all ends up in comedy gold. "Babymakers" has the right premise and the right set of actors to get the job done. The script is what isn't quite their. You can see this from minimal struggle that the couple goes through, the heist that dosen't end up being the all out ludicrous and smart comedy set piece we thought it would be and the many needed jokes and obstacles that the film is absent of.

Previous films of the comedy group like "Beerfest" and "The Slammin Salmon" were filled with jokes from start to finish and even with the stupidity of plot you at least felt as if the characters started from somewhere and ended up somewhere new. Quite the opposite from the way the film ends here. The couple learn nothing new from their sperm adventure and the film provides no explanation of how the film comes to a abrupt happy ending. 


Though the jokes may be good enough, not to think that your time was completely wasted. Its still isn't that special kind of date film or bro comedy film that you would recommend any day. This film toted itself to be this worthwhile heist comedy and ended up being a lukewarm downer.

Personal Rating:

2 Stars.jpg

review by Paul Katsaros

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