The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare (2012) Review

director: David Silverman

writers: James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, David Mirkin, Joel H. Cohen & Michael Price

genre: Animation " Comedy " Shorts

released: July 13, 2012 (U.S.)

available to watch at this SITE

After 24 seasons of glorious laughter and moments of groundbreaking Television entertainment. The Simpsons finally delved into the short film market and continued to be charming, but maybe not relevant. This is something they could have experimented with, long before they hit rock bottom with their creative capabilities with the direction of not only the show, but also their characters.


A day in the life, of young and cute Maggie Simpson.


The short film is barely 4 minutes and for those minutes it manages to maintain your attention and never be boring. Having the cutest of the Simpson family does help. It also dosen't hurt that the short is ultimately about her everlasting rivalry with her arch nemesis the one eyebrowed baby.

What ultimately puts this little short film attempt to way side. Is the fact that most people are done with the Simpsons and they expect something much more to merely pay attention. I do think as with many others, that there best work has already come to pass and that they don't have much new to show, teach or entertain us.

Their idea of creating a short is great, but only if something magical happened in it. Either a monumental step in animation or material that proves to be incredibly funny or sincerely touching. Instead this Oscar nominated short, is fine as a passing view on a site such as YouTube. But it's absolutely not good enough to beat its competition of unknowns in the Oscar category of Best Animated short and popularity alone is not enough for them to get even more recognition that they probably don't deserve anymore.


It ain't revolutionary, nor is it a boring mess. In the end its still better than having no short film of the Simpsons, but not that's not saying a lot.

Personal Rating:

3.5 Stars.jpg

review by P K

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