Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (2012) Review

directors: Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim

writers: Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim

starring: Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim

genre: Comedy

released: January 27, 2012 (U.S. & VOD)

This "Billion Dollar Movie" should have remained the "Billion Dollar Trailer". From the trailer we are introduced to the crazy world of Tim and Eric and through the film we experience the madness of uncontrolled cult humor. Tim and Eric the men who are behind this odd comedy know that their trusty fans from the TV show will follow suit. Who besides them though will find this entertaining is a mystery.


Tim and Eric don't play themselves in the film, even though they use their own names. They both are off to make their dream come true (get famous) and con a shady business man Tommy Schlaaang (Robert Loggia) into giving them a billion dollars to make a Johnny Depp film. The film ends up to be a failure in all aspects. Schlaaang pissed, chases them down until they are dead. The duo now poor and on the run find a deserted mall to run to make their money back and survive in the oddest of fashions.


Having no previous knowledge of Tim & Eric's show or of their insane humor. Seeing their feature film debut was a eye opener to a hidden cultist kind of comedy we most don't know exist. Everyone does finds humor to be different and special to them in a subjective kind of way. However, comedy can also have for the each of us a bar limit. And even though I like that Tim and Eric managed to get their film made and have great named actors apart of it. I will never find this kind of humor amusing nor will many others either.

For people to understand the level of how terrible this comedy is. Their is a health center in the mall that Tim and Eric end up running. The way this center heals you though is by defecating on you with a number of small boys. If you imagine that scene in action, then there is no need to describe anything else in the film in more detail. Also what makes it worse is that you have to follow two main characters who are terrible and stupid people in these awful and insane situations. Despite their decent comedic performances and skill to portray silly characters in ludicrous situations.


This a completely different type of humor that I can respect, but find god awful and unfunny. I applaud the men behind it and admire the people who will laugh with it. Because they probably must have a secret power in them that finds this kind of comedic material exotic.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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