Trials Evolution (2012) Review

developer: RedLynx

publisher: Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft (PC)

platform: Xbox LIve Arcade | PC

genre: 2D Racing

released: April 18, 2012

My addiction into bike simulation, hasn't even reached its peak. As holiday sales were on Xbox Live this past X-Mas. I couldn't resist the chance of getting my hands on the sequel to one of my favorite arcade games "Trials HD". The sequel "Evolution" is exactly what you would expect. More of the same nail biting, control breaking bike entertainment. With a couple of graphical, level enhancements and surprises that will greatly complement your arcade collection.


(I'm posting the same exact thing I had said about the first game, as nothing has changed drastically from it.)

The game is a 2D motor bike racer. Where you need to get from point A to B through various obstacles and extremities. There are various levels of track difficulty, from beginner, easy, medium, hard and extreme. So you can imagine what you will go through. The obstacles vary from explosive barrels to broken plywood. It's all a part of the greater good of your mental state.

All you have at your command is gas and brake, compiled with a quick restart and checkpoint button for better time scores and repeats of mistakes. Then with your controller thumb-sticks you move back and forward the tilt position of the driver. Which is probably the most crucial element of mastering the more difficult tracks in the game.


As an arcade game, you can't expect much, not only due to the budget but also of the memory limitations set by it being a arcade game. Let's not forget it's also a 2D game, so what expectations could you have had on the graphics? And also truth be told, you're not here for the graphics, but the gameplay. The graphics are the bonus.

More than having major graphical enhancements. I would call the sequel a do over paint job. They have literally color coated the game from the beginning, with a whole new mind set on the world, the look and the tracks. The first game was all about warehouses and dark areas. Here the sky is the limit and it literally doesn't stop them. They pull out all their ides by brightening up the game, not only from night to day levels or from more open locations, but also in the bike mechanics and psychical elements of the levels.

The world also now has a semi 2D to 3D feel. What I mean by that is, that the game is 2D, but kind of does a twirl inward of the environment to make it seem as its 3D. It's a cool effect and actually makes the game more difficult as your concentration is tested. The real icing of the game, is the inclusion of tribute levels. Things like "Limbo", "Sin City" and more get tribute levels and there all a sight to see and play.


The content is the same amount of tracks as the first and more. Meaning more tracks in total number, more tournaments, lesser skill games (sadly), but all better made and more differentiated than before. And if that wasn't enough, there is also the user created content once again and a brand new multiplayer mode.

The user created content has doubled, as you can also make skill games. So if you don't have the money to cough up more tracks in DLC. No worries, user content is there to save the day. So if you are feeling creative. You can start creating for yourself terrifying motorbike courses to show off to friends and the world.

As for the multiplayer. It was an unexpected add, but very much well done. No lag whatsoever, with the tracks being smart variations on the original tracks of the game. You can go up against 3 people, in 4 different modes, with a small level up system and the much appreciated leader-board support that we all adore.


There is enough content from single player to multiplayer to user created content that will last you for a while. Combined that with the insane amount of difficulty the game has. You won't be 100 percenting this game any time soon. And word to the unknown, it's the "Dark Souls" of bike simulators.

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review by P K

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