Trials HD (2009) Review

developer: RedLynx

publisher: Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft (PC)

platform: Xbox LIve Arcade, PC

genre: 2D Racing

released: August 12, 2009

It had been a while since I got my hands around this game again. A game of agonizing frustration and mental pain until the point you break. Happily after I emotionally took a brake from the game, I came back stronger than ever and managed to not only prove myself, but actually manage not to break any accessories in the process (which might happen).


The game is a 2D motor bike racer. Where you need to get from point A to B through various obstacles and extremities. Their are various levels of track difficulty, from beginner, easy, medium, hard and extreme. So you can imagine what you will go through. The obstacles vary from explosive barrels to broken plywood. It's all apart of the greater good of your mental state.

All you have at your command is gas and brake, compiled with a quick restart and checkpoint button for better time scores and repeats of mistakes. Then with your controller thumb-sticks you move back and forward the tilt position of the driver. Which is probably the most crucial element of mastering the more difficult tracks in the game.


The graphics aren't all that bad for a 2D arcade racing game, nor will you be expecting anything else magical in the first place. A bigger problem then the graphics is at times the frame rate. Where in some levels and in specific situations could have been easily fixed and can be a distraction.

There are also many psychics bugs where the driver and his bike enter through the environment or will also creatively convulse uncontrollably. But these bugs actually make the game more hilarious then game breaking.


After going through all the difficulty tracks. There is more to be left to be desired. A tournament mode where many of the tracks are compiled into different mixes, for various forms difficulty and time challenges.

Then if that wasn't enough, their are the skill levels that are all fun, but equally difficult. And if your really into the game and feeling inspired. A edit mode to satisfy all your needs of creation.

But what ultimately provides this game with value and replayability. Is the insane game difficulty, that will make you commit immense amount of mistakes to complete a track and then seeing if you can manage to beat a friends score/time or not.

It's a game where you really have to play hours of, to get to know all nooks and cracks of it. Their are necessary ways to get past barriers faster, tricks of how to pass those insane and painfully ominous areas that you will have no idea to pass until you've made 200 mistakes in one track pass. It's not a pick up and play friendly game as you may imagine.


So why play the game? Like any difficult game its a fun and a incredible challenge. We shouldn't forget that games used to be more about the challenge, experience, high scores and memorability. Now were left with pick up and play, easy to follow narrative gameplay, containing quick time events and very little player control or challenge. So be old school for a change and check this game out.

*The sequel "Trials: Evolution" may have been released this year and provided a bit more pizzazz in the visual and gameplay department. But it dosen't mean one bit, that it's baby brother ain't a hell of a game as well.

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review by P K

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