the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) Review

director: Bill Condon

writer: Melissa Rosenberg

starring: Kirsten Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

genre: Drama | Romance | Thriller

released: November 18, 2011 (U.S.)

I have trashed this series with every shot I've got it seems. But its not me, its the franchise. The previous film managed to be not a complete mess and made me have some hope, that with another serious director in charge it could be good. That though didn't happen and Breaking Dawn may be not only the worst in the series, but one of the worst films of the year.


After the events of the third film. It was now time for Bella (Kirsten Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) to become one. This of course to no surprise has Jacob (Taylor Lautner) completely angered and lost within his wolf pack. The marriage is happily ever after and with upcoming honeymoon being the perfect way for Bella to become a vampire. Things thought don't go according to plan when Bella turns out to be pregnant. This miracle/abomination pregnancy gets people riled up on both sides with the implications. To stop this birth has the wolf pack set to attack the Cullen's and the baby with Cullen's confused on what the baby is and Jacob choosing sides between Bella and his pack.


After having a actual good film in the series, it looked like with Academy Award nominee director Bill Condon the same would happen again. Instead it ended up worse than the before, with far too much soap opera moments to count. The first film was a mediocre vamp tween film, the second was a suicidal teenage freak show, the third was the sophisticated well made teenage vamp film and now we have wolf on vampire on human drama with baby trouble, daddy trouble and a whole lot of more drama than you can think of.

Most of these elements already existed previously in the series, but none were presented like in Breaking Dawn. The film constantly has moments of bitter fighting, arguing, decision making and who's better than who. This soap opera drama is helped by the horrific choice of music throughout the film. Its either the composed score or selected soundtrack that ruins scenes of importance, drama and creates silly soap opera moments, instead of raw emotional drama that could have benefited the film.

If it was only the soap opera elements I wouldn't mind. As soap opera elements go, they actually make stories sometimes better. But you cant mess up stories with terrible music selection from the composer and soundtrack. Also if that wasn't enough, the film has the worst writing of series. Too many are the times where specific plot points, moments of emotion and doubt and sub plot intricacies are mentioned without importance or mentioned, played out and then forgotten.

You cant mention, show or play out scenes and then play no importance to them afterwards. At Bellas wedding for example, some of the vamp relatives act strangely. This is due to the werewolf presence at the wedding. This silly sub plot point that was never mentioned in any of the films or even mentioned later on in the film, is played as important. But then is suddenly forgotten of. Is this from the book? Did this help the movie's story? Why waste 5 mins of the film on a asanine scene that has no positive effect om the film and at the same time hire well known TV actors to play those parts. In just dosen't make sense.

Continuing on the bad writing. Bella and Edward have a hybrid baby, this baby for some reason actually has thoughts and can communicate with Edward to say things like "I love you". Does that even make sense? Does the film explain this in any sort of way? No. How is it that they didn't know that first: vampire sperm cant make babies? Second: How is that the baby can communicate? How can Bella break her back in the film, in the way she does and not die? These things don't make sense, the film dosen't help you comprehend these events nor mention if it will even answer to them.

I could go on and on, but there is no point. If from the first film it was played out in a soap opera fashion so heavily, I would say great, its keeping the series tone constant. But it didn't happen like that. If the film explained more and played out its intense important scenes better than again id be happy. But again it didn't.


One day I might read the books and see for myself if they were better than the films. Because if these films are actually faithful, then that only shows that the books coincide with the films as being garbage. If your a fan of Twilight, I'd assume you've stop reading by now, if not, than your probably wondering why did I even bother seeing this film in the first place? Trust me, I ask myself that question every day.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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