Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 5-8 Review

series creators: Mark Frost & David Lynch

show runners: Mark Frost & David Lynch

starring: Kyle MacLachlan

genre: Drama | Crime | Fantasy

premiered on Showtime: June 5, 2017

For some reason 'Twin Peaks' creators David Lynch & Mark Frost or most likely the channel 'Showtime' decided to release the first two episodes of the new season as a bundle in the U.S., but instead in a country such as Australia as a bundle of 4. This spoiling of the audience with doling out that number of episodes at once has its many negatives, but especially so when your show is of such a peculiar nature. Because of this I decided to continue reviewing the show in 4's up to the end and succumb to this ordeal that some of us are slowly started to regret.


Evil Cooper is still in Jail and acting weird with the F.B.I. who are trying to find out if he truly is good Cooper or something else. Good Cooper on the other hand is living his shell body's life, not being able to function normally as a human, but still being guided by a mysterious force protecting him from harm. Lastly, the rest of the Twin Peaks cast are living their everyday lives some weirder than others, with very few tying into the overarching story of Agent Dale Cooper's return to the town of Twin Peaks.


Truly so much of the content in these new 'Twin Peaks' episodes till now could have been easily cut out and been left as 'YouTube' shorts for the characters who aren't integral to the main story and who were always bit players even in the original show back in the 90's. These kind of moments could have been smartly used as marketing material to muster up anticipation to the show, but also to have the peace of mind that some characters would get their small moment of glory after 25 odd years. Instead, so many of the old familiars are shoe horned into moments of utter insignificance that you wonder maybe this show wasn't worth returning to.

Naturally, they are still moments that are weird enough and that keep your attention, such as Harry Dean Stanton having a somber after life moment and Doctor Jacoby being a hermit in the woods with a resistance show only to make money off of gold colored shovels. But, then again as weird, humorous or touching these scenes are, they have no real connection to the other characters or larger story at play. Moreover, this point can be pushed further with the new characters as well, such as the violent young thug who could have been this show's new Leo Johnson. But yet again, what is his significance to the events in the show and to the other characters? The answer is we don't know and maybe we won't find out.

Additionally, its amazing how much with all that you can still enjoy moments of Good Cooper being a complete moron, but at the same time profoundly know that the show is still not going anywhere. May that be in the town of Twin Peaks, in the prison with Evil Cooper or with Good Cooper in an insurance firm. The only event of significance that has occurred in the show till now (baring the weird origin flashback ill get into further down) is Cooper escaping the Black Lodge. Everything else to that is an afterthought. Albeit, Evil Cooper/Bob do have some nice little reveals, but then they are forgotten of and lose value once you witness scenes such as the weird phone call Bad Cooper has in the prison (YouTube amateur level effects to say the least) and the Good Cooper karate chop and screaming tree scene that I just want to forget it even happened.

Finally, we have the last episode of the four that I have left last and that anyone could devote not a paragraph, not a review, but a whole 6 page essay possibly with the amount of content that was put together. With scenes that were not only beautiful, haunting and creative audio-visually, but also that were out of place, without context, without point and timing and way too long. This has been my major complaint throughout the new series that David Lynch and Mark Frost have lost their touch when it comes to knowing what to include or not in their show. Here the 'Twin Peaks' show took a page from the 'Lost' playbook and did a whole episode just based on the lore (minus the first minutes with Bad Cooper). The problem with that is that when 'Lost' did it was mostly to fill in the gaps to the many questions it left unanswered. Most of the questions 'Twin Peaks' has semi answered I couldn't have cared less about and could have been done in half the time.

These moments viewed on their own and within their own space and time are interesting in concept and are cinematically crafty. The girl image laying down on her bed sideways in black and white at the end is creepy, the mushroom cloud sequence as I personally understood it could be viewed as a personification of evil and releasement of bad spirits or even portal opening and also the origin of Bob and do like the spirit effect for the otherworldly demons. Their is also a lot of Stanley Kubrick, 'Tree of Life' like shots that are debatable if were necessary, but, worse was the breaking of the fourth wall with the giant man releasing a Laura Palmer bubble which who knows what that meant, and with the pace of molasses. With the giant man literally walking from one end of the room to the other and it taking ages for it to be completed. And while a lot of the new material is whimsical in its creepy, noir fashion such the 'Got a Light Guy'. Did we really need a full 5 minute sequence or so with a gas station cloud flash forwarding in time and space? Nonetheless, this last episode was original and an eye opener. However, was it Twin Peaks? was so much of this new season on part with the 'Twin Peaks' we experienced so many years ago? And are we still happy it came to be?


21st century 'Twin Peaks' till now is a bunch of occasionally funny, but mostly uninspiring episodes that either go nowhere or take too long to get anywhere at all. Its poorly orchestrated and overloaded with character cameos and lacks a normal story progression that is difficult to follow and relish for new fans and even for old.

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review by Paul Katsaros

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