Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) Review

In what is Quentin Tarantino’s most “personal” film is maybe also his most uneven and worst film to date. Now, that might sound harsh, but it’s also true. Where we fell in love with him for his genre film-making and characteristic pop cultured filled dialogue, he has managed to take another slight detour with his latest film. A fine dramatic retelling of how Hollywood was and how it could have been that steps over itself in territory already explored and with a narrative handling that on occasion is commendable and enthralling, while also unconventional and predictable by its third act.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) Review

Usually diminishing returns would be an issue for a movie series at this point, but the ‘John Wick’ film series hasn’t felt the pain just yet (link). Even though, it’s not getting any better in terms of quality of story and character, but who’s watching this series for its story and character work right?

Toy Story 4 (2019) Review

The film that started the CGI animation fest is back and it’s the first time in the series where we could have lived without its new story being told. Nonetheless, ‘Toy Story 4’ isn’t a terrible movie or a bad option to take the family out in terms of entertainment value, but it isn’t worth full ticket price as its predecessors were or even compared to some of its current competition.

Avengers: Endgame (2019) Review - NO SPOILERS

General audiences and most fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have seen close to all the ‘MCU’ films till now won’t be disappointed with the events or conclusion of the film. As ‘Endgame’ manages to tick most of the boxes needed to make all the money in the world and provide almost perfect popcorn entertainment. It’s not though an assuring building block for the future and fans should be skeptical of what is to come.

Serenity (2019) Review

Going into films cold is a blessing in disguise, especially when its trailer doesn’t let you in on the game that is being played on you. A game unknown to us but known to the production of the film very well with its risky plot, that at first will make you want to pull your hair out, but then later with one of the most unexpected of endings I’ve personally seen in a while might then change your mind.

Glass (2019) Review

Almost everybody enjoyed ‘Unbreakable’ when it first came out, but at the time no one really thought that a sequel was needed or that these kind of films were even possible to get one. Especially when superhero films weren’t yet in full swing at the time. 19 years later, we get a conclusion to a story no one expected and a decent send off to the micro-verse of characters M. Night Shyamalan created.

Suspiria (2018) Review

It’s not the norm to get good remakes or reboots as a general rule, but if a ‘A Star is Born’ taught us anything is that they are worth a shot. As the work in this remake makes it into a wholly different experience from the original film while still being respectful, which is a positive undoubtedly. However, it also led the story down paths potentially unnecessary or ill advised for the film’s narrative and conclusion.

Holmes & Watson (2018) Review

If this was 2006 when ‘Talladega Nights’ first came out, this film would have been an easy sell, but that was a long time ago and in the year 2019 many don’t remember the success and popularity of the Reilly-Ferrell duo, besides the fact that Will Ferrell is no longer at the peak of his career. In addition, comedies aren’t what they used to be, as no one can take a joke anymore with where the culture has gone, so why would this film be of any worth or well anticipated. And the truth of the matter is quite the opposite of what the mass media and professional critics have been saying about this film and how bad it is, on the contrary its just mediocre.

Bird Box (2018) Review

The world is always a buzz for the next hyped release on Netflix and this past month it was ‘Bird Box’ that had Sandra Bullock headlining a film that could have easily been released in cinemas as many others on the platform, but thankfully wasn’t. The film itself isn’t bad in terms of production value or performances and even the story progression isn’t the worst you will find, but its core concept of a spirit force/cloud that’s come to doom us all is too much to swallow.

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Review

When a film is too complicated and long we moan about it, when a film is too simple and short we see less value in it. Sometimes both can work for different reasons and in the case of this Queen biopic it maybe short, uncomplicated and at times historically inaccurate. However, despite all this, it is still enjoyable and with some of the best musical representations of a band on screen.

A Star is Born (2018) Review

It’s not too early to say that this film may be the ‘La La Land‘ of the upcoming awards season and will bring much needed glamour and star power that they crave. Moreover, its presence amongst other films will also be significant due to the actual level of professionalism and artistry put into it, as it is one of few films of this year that should be seen in the cinema and were the drama is genuine.

Uncle Drew (2018) Review

With the advent of online streaming have simplistic feel good films become a thing of the past for the big screen? As for some they are just an afterthought or at least not an option worth leaving the house for. However, keeping it simple, having a theme and getting the cliches right with some jokes and overarching meanings in the mix was and should always be a product moviegoers should value. As in ‘Uncle Drew’ case, it ticks all the boxes previously mentioned and if it was released 10 to 20 years ago it would have been your standard cinema entertainment for mass audiences, but in today’s cinema world it feels like a film out of time, but not out of heart.