Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 5-8 Review

For some reason 'Twin Peaks' creators David Lynch & Mark Frost or most likely the channel 'Showtime' decided to release the first two episodes of the new season as a bundle in the U.S., but instead in a country such as Australia as a bundle of 4. This spoiling of the audience with doling out that number of episodes at once has its many negatives, but especially so when your show is of such a peculiar nature. Because of this I decided to continue reviewing the show in 4's up to the end and succumb to this ordeal that some of us are slowly started to regret.

Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 1-4 Review

"You're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't" that's true to almost everything in life, but also especially when it comes to TV show and movie revivals. Some will say "what's the point of a revival" and that "it will never live up to the original's glory and prestige", while others will say "why did it never happen" and live off till the end of days plagued by the ever so many 'what if's' when one of these properties comes to an unfortunate end. No longer though will that be the case regarding 'Twin Peaks'. Which I still don't think it’s a blessing that it has returned, but it's definitely not a disgrace from what came before.

Stranger Things: Season 1 Review

This show is built massively around 1980's movie nostalgia right to its very core. In addition, it had enough luck and determination that's it's kid actors didn't suck and also despite its story and setting being a variation of so many 80's genres bundled together. It managed to be an engaging entertainment package that has developed a cult following and possibly future awards glory that it does objectively deserve.

Narcos: Season 1 Review

Netflix has transformed from the one stop shop of easily accessible media content into the provider of original programming that is varied, fun and captivating. It's online model continues to show promise, evolve and with time show its capabilities of challenging the big boys of television. Yet, it isn't without its faults and future pitfalls to face. Creating great shows such as "Narcos" here, but trying to please two different kinds of audiences at the same time. Which doesn't always work.

Daredevil: Season 1 Review

Ever since Marvel got their hands back on the Daredevil property, most of us geeks couldn't wait to see how they could possibly tackle it. Gladly, they chose not only the TV route for it, but also the Netflix option. Giving them free creative reign in a medium with a particular audience that the material of Matt Murdock and co could flourish. Not holding back for the wider audience profit margins or the stipulations of what can or can't be seen on advertisement ridden Television. Which in the process let it become the best comic book show on TV to date, having elements that many will find comforting, entertaining and even worthwhile.

American Horror Story: Coven Season 3 Review

After two great seasons of horror, everyone was pretty much pumped up and ready to go for the third. No one though thought, that the creators would pretty much drop the ball and lose focus so easily. Leading us to the conclusion, that even a show with a lower episode count of 13 episodes, can still be quite the disappointment. Nevertheless, with one to many subplots too count, misleading the audience a bit more than expected and not taking advantage of their own material and story direction. The third season still manages to be a fun and bloody ride of young and old witches wreaking havoc on the world.

American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 Review

Following an already successful and groundbreaking first season, it would be difficult to top, no matter who you are. Nonetheless, the challenge was well enough for the creators to attempt to go above and beyond. For some this challenge was accomplished with this season being the better of the last and even if it dosen't, its still possibly the best horror you will find on TV. With scary events and gory practices that will make you chill and possibly not sleep well at night. A season full of mystery that you will be trying to desperately figure out and hope that redemption or safety is possible for any of the characters this season.

American Horror Story: Murder House Season 1 Review

Ever since TV came to the scene the potential of it hasn't always been reached. Lately were getting to the point of constant levels of total quality in TV show production and entertainment. Even with that TV wasn't ready to deliver a Horror oriented show of mayhem, perversity, depression and controversial imagery. Thankfully the growth of private networks and the great fortitude and tenacity of the show's creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Proved that Horror can have a place in the living room. It can be glorious, malicious, disgusting and audiences will eat it up.

Game of Thrones: Season 3 Review

In "GoT" tradition the third season is a non stop ride of mischief, vengeance, backstabbing and greed. Every episode is a great look at the inner workings of back alley deals, politics, family turmoil and codes of honor. It's a show that stays true to its principle of being ever surprising, faithful to its source material and entertaining. It doesn't follow audience expectations and always knows how to keep your anticipation to the highest levels. It is my least favorite of the three seasons, however it is the most depressing and worrisome of the three. Basically being the "Empire Strikes Back" chapter of the "GoT" series. Ending the season with a bitter sweet finale of hope and misery.

Game of Thrones: Season 1 Review

As of the last decade, I am pleased to say that television programming has been better than ever. Programming is no longer "only" fixated at making sitcoms and conventional procedurals. Private networks set the bar high for what could be done and everyone else followed suit. HBO is still one of the best at original programming, with close competition from Showtime and AMC. Though with a show like 'Game of Thrones', it's hard to argue that there not on top of their game and with the best TV production to date.

True Blood: Season 1 Review

How could I have not seen the fun in True Blood for so long? After recently watching the whole first season. I realized that the show, has been wrongly ridiculed and made fun. Its eye candy, silly characters, insane setting and emphasis on dramatic romances and mysterious pasts are what makes it special. These charming elements and more is what makes the best wackiest supernatural show on TV.