Trials Evolution (2012) Review

My addiction into bike simulation, hasn't even reached its peak. As holiday sales were on Xbox Live this past X-Mas. I couldn't resist the chance of getting my hands on the sequel to one of my favorite arcade games "Trials HD". The sequel "Evolution" is exactly what you would expect. More of the same nail biting, control breaking bike entertainment. With a couple of graphical, level enhancements and surprises that will greatly complement your arcade collection.

Resident Evil 6 (2012) Review

As it's almost Christmas and the perfect period of the year to get some rest and relaxation. Either that be buying new games, comics, gadgets and actually have the time to be occupied with them. With the many new releases of games that we have near the holidays and late Autumn one that got my most attention was Resident Evil 6.

Trials HD (2009) Review

It had been a while since I got my hands around this game again. A game of agonizing frustration and mental pain until the point you break. Happily after I emotionally took a brake from the game, I came back stronger than ever and managed to not only prove myself, but actually manage not to break any accessories in the process (which might happen).

Diablo III (2012) Review

I had always loved Blizzard's games since my childhood. Games like Lost Vikings, Rock and Roll racing, the original Warcraft and Starcraft strategy games and pretty much all Blizzard games. Any game that Blizzard would develop and publish came out excellent, a masterpiece to say the least. Any gamer out there, unless they were living under a rock knows that the Holy Trinity of Blizzard  consists of  3 big names (or games if you prefer): Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (2010) Review

When it comes to action platformers, developer Ubisoft is one of the best. Even with "Forgotten Sands" faults, it's still very much a fun and never boring game throughout. The problems you will find is the lack of difficulty, length and replayability. This could be attributed to Ubisoft paying attention more to its new found cash baby "Assassins Creed", than its old loves of past.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (2010) Review

Haven't we all at some point in our lives played Pac-Man. It may not have been the original or even Ms. Pac-Man, hell it could have been one of those 3D platform Pacman games on the PlayStation. But have we ever really gone crazy on Pac-Man fever? I have with the new Pac-Man game that is out now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. It's another remake from developer Namco Bandai, the original creator of Pac-Man to bring us the follow-up of Pac-Man Championship Edition (2007) with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.